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Noriyuki Konishi’s Yo-kai Watch Manga Moves Magazines

Noriyuki Konishi’s Yōkai Watch manga has ended serialization in Shogakukan’s Coro Coro Comics magazine but will continue publication in Coro Coro Ichiban! and Bessatsu Coro Coro Comics. The manga, was first published in Coro Coro Comics in 2012 and received its 21st volume in April 2021.

In addition, it has also been released in North America by Viz Media’s Perfect Square imprint, which shipped the 19th volume in August 2021. The Yōkai Watch franchise, which was announced by game developer Level-5 in 2011, includes a television anime series that premiered in April 202.

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It also received a compilation film with added scenes in November 2021. It also inspired the Yo-kai Watch ♪ Jibanyan VS Komasan Monge Daikessen da Nyan (Yōkai Watch ♪ Jibanyan vs. Komasan: Great Final Battle Meow) special edition anime, which will open in theaters in Japan on January 13.

The franchise began with a game for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013, followed by the original anime in 2014 and Yōkai Watch 3 for the 3DS in 2016, with an enhanced version, Yōkai Watch 4++, released for the PlayStation 4 and Switch in 2019.


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