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Intro of Nozel Silva

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Nozel Silva 「ノゼル・シルヴァ Nozeru Shiruva」is an aristocrat and the eldest son of the Clover Kingdom House Silva, one of the royal families. He is also the captain of the Magic Night Silver Eagle team and a member of the Royal Knight.

Look And Apperance

Nozel Silva is a slender male with fair skin, thin purple eyes and small eyebrows. He has pale silver-white hair worn in a very unique style and is sometimes noted by other characters. He keeps his hair straight and long at the bottom of his back, and the upper and upper parts of the hair are badly styled and return to a long spiked fringe. His long bangs are braided down to the tip of his eyes and nose, where a small House Silva pendant is attached.

Nozel wears the same style of clothing as her other brothers. The loose shirt with a high collar should be closed with a gold band and the bottom open to expose the clavicle. He also wears loose pants with a tight band under the knees and thin sandals. In addition, Nozel is wearing his custom robe, Silver Eagles.

This robe consists of a short fur mantle with a long panel of ruffles hanging from the elbow. Like other teams, their team insignia is placed on the left side of the robe. Nozel’s mantle is fitted with a robe that is long enough to reach his feet. His Grimoire case is placed on his left waist.

Powers And Abilities

  • Mercury Magic: Nozel uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate mercury. By controlling mana quickly and accurately, Nozel can freely transform its shape and combine both attack and defense.
  • Reinforced Magic: Nozzle uses this form of magic to improve physical abilities.
  • Creation magic: Nozel uses this form of magic to shape objects and entities from mercury.
  • Immensive Endurance: Nozel has a tremendous level of endurance so that he can be aware and cast spells after penetrating the abdomen with multiple large compass needles.
  • Immense magical power: Noble, the nobleman and captain of the Knights of Magic, owns a huge amount of magical power. He can put a strong pressure on the surroundings just by releasing it, and can reveal a big eagle from his magical power. Patri, the leader of the midnight sun’s eyes, says Nozel is very powerful. Nozel’s magic requires precise control and can maintain that level of control in a dense, mixed and mana area.

Personality and Character

Like Senator Silva, Nozel is another haughty man who believes that he is better than others. He looks down on commoners and peasants, but he takes his position as a magic knight very seriously and keeps himself and his brother at a high standard. After  Fuegoleon was seriously injured, when Solid lightly meant House Vermilion, Nozel points out that House Silva is deteriorating because they had not participated in any battle at all.

Despite his normal humble behavior, Nozel shows signs of caring and respecting those near him. He says he will reinstatement after he is injured, and later laughs at Fana’s magic, implying that  Fuegoleon’s flame is much better than her.

Nozel rarely shows a lot of emotions, but when frustrated he is surprisingly wary. He is disgusted by dark play and humiliates him several times. When he jokes about how to style hair, he threatens Yami and Asta. When Lille impresses  Fuegoleon to cheer up at Captain’s meeting, Nozel is one of the captains who tells him angry to stop right away.

Personal History and Biography

Nozel was born as the eldest son of the Silva family. As a child, Nozel and Fuegoleon Vermillion grow together and build rivalry. After the mother gave birth to Noel and died, Nozel defends her mother’s curse secret and protects her brother.

During the entrance exam, Nozel will, along with the rest of the Magic Knights, observe and judge who you want to add to the team. After the test, when Yuno appears in front of them, all Captains including Nozel want him and raise their hands, but Yuno decides to join the Golden Dawn.

Long afterwards, at the ceremonial ceremony with the magic emperor, Nozel will attend as Silver Eagle captain, along with the promotion of Nebra and Solid. Noel tries to expel her from the venue because Noel’s own brother has sincerely humiliated her sister. Seeing it happen in front of him, Asta grabs Noel’s arm and tries to prevent her from leaving. The former climbs on one of the tables and declares it surpasses all the tables. The battle happens and eventually Asta can hold himself against the solid. Seeing his brother’s embarrassing behavior, Nozel unleashes the power of magic. Fortunately, Captain of the Crimson Lions team, Fuego Leon, points out and interferes with the shameless act of attacking a Silva family boy. Fugo Leon’s comments are not well received by Nozel. As Nozel gives him exaggerated remarks, leading to a short confrontation between the captains.

Their standoff is interrupted by the announcement that the royal capital is under attack. After assessing the situation, Fuegoleon orders Nozel, Nebra, and Solid to head to the middle section because of the highest mana concentration. When the brothers fly off in solid water and arrive at the battlefield, Nozel screams while instructing the citizens to go behind him. Silver Eagles decides to defeat the corpse, and Nozel admits the crime of defeating Silver Rain and attacking the citizens.

Up Next

When they defeat the enemy, Nozel suspects a weak attack and suspects it is diversion. Suddenly space magic is activated and the knights are teleported far away from the city. Combining efforts, they come back fairly quickly and Nozel uses Silver Rain on enemies, but is surprised when the enemies absorb the characteristics of the attack using dark magic tools.

When the enemy leaves, they take Asta and Noel immediately proposes a rescue mission for her squad. However, other knights quickly rejected it, and Nozelle decided to focus his resources on establishing royal capital defenses. Solid begins to tease Fuegoleon’s loss, but Nozel says he is even fewer than him because he interrupted and they didn’t participate in the fight. Later, after a meeting with Julius Novacrono, Nozel is angry at himself dying of Fuegoleon. He remembers the past with Fuegoleon, so he finds someone who has done this for Fuegoleon and says he fills them himself.

Nozel, Jack the Ripper, and Charlotte Rosley save Yami Sukehiro from the combined rear, bet, and fana attack. After Yami complains about arrival, Nosel and Yami trade insult. Nozel decided to take a third eye himself, but when Yami and Asta begin to criticize him, he threatens to deal with them first. After that, Asta tries to join the battle, but Nozel says that those who don’t have magical powers will only get in the way.

Nozel attacks Licht, but Fana blocks Silver Spear. When confronting Fana and Salamander, he boasted the strength of mercury, who created several kites and trained against the magic of Fuego Leon fire. Like the others, Nosel was surprised when Asta passed through the battlefield intact and hit Licht. As Licht’s magic begins to overflow as Asta’s sword removes the seal, the Third Eye surrounds and seals the leader.

Nozel attends Magic Knights Captain’s meeting. He complains about Jack and Yami’s quarrel. Lil Boyz Mortier mentions the absence of Fuego Leon and the table is silent, but when he tries to imitate the Crimson Lion captain, Nozel and Jack threaten him. After William Vangance arrived late, Nozel questioned why he was also absent from the ceremony. After Marx Francois contacts them, they go to the dungeon and wait to hear the name of the traitor revealed by George and Katherine.

Coming On

When Gueldre Poizot tries to escape, he attacks other captains with Invisible Soldiers. Nozel defends with Mercury Magic and uses it to grab the stone floor and ceiling masses that hit Gueldre. However, Lil detains Gerdor before other captains destroy most of the building, but Nozel explains that they would have a lower knight repair the building. After seeing some of Gerdol’s memories, Jewel ordered the captain to search his squad for more traitors, but did not release the information.


After a while, Nozel discovered that the midnight sun’s eyes were a floating dungeon in the Gravito Rock Zone.

At the request of Julius, Nozel and other Magic Knight captains will participate in the Star Award Festival. He puts quietly on Golden Dawn for the first placement, but is visibly shocked when Black Bull is placed second. After Yuno and Asta go up to the stage, Nozel quietly watches the two rookies exert their power.

After the ceremony, Yami greets the other captain and boasts that his unit is assigned to his unit. The other captains then left and refused to celebrate with Yami.

A few weeks later, Nozel joined the Royal Knight with Augustus Killer Clover XIII. After the team moved to the midnight sun base, Nozel ordered the siren to create a dungeon model, and Meleo Leona Vermilion explained the situation and divided the team into teams. Nozel infiltrates the dungeon with sirens, enrin guards, and nilus slags. When they face three sorcerers, Nozel overtakes them and defeats them with the waves of Silver Spear, while he declares that he will take Licht’s head to Fuego Leon’s return. As he deepens his path further, he defends the trap while attacking the enemy.

After Nils and Siren are attached to the Elven Spirit, they turn on Nozel and run away with a smoke screen. They regroup with other royal knights outside the dungeon. Nozel sets up a healing space for the injured. When Nosel receives more words about elves in the kingdom, he declares that they must save the country. Even though it means killing fellow Magic Knights. But Noel proposes that they can save the comrades they own. Other knights agree, and Nozel will silently accept and build a ship to send them back to the country.

As they pass through the abandoned territory, Nozel gives priority to the royal capital and refuses to stop to defend Hage. He allows Asta and Yuno to go but stops Noel from joining them. Along the way, Nozel turns the container into a mercury eagle, and the group arrives at Clover Castle just before the dungeon. The Magic Knight group splits and heads to various places in the castle. Nozel, Noel, and Zola went to protect the parcels of the Silva family. Once inside, Nozel is fed up with the corpses scattered around, allowing Zola to leave alone. Nozel and Noel are attacked by the elves, but Nozel blame the elves for easily defending, knocking out, and loosing his own knight. And he notices that the strongest presence is in the solid bedroom.

Nozel collides from the window and protects his brother from a large compass needle. Noel surprises Nozel, following the Sea Dragon Ro directed at the elf. The magic is diverted from the tower and Nebra gets the opportunity to hide their escape. Elves refuse to run away, use Another Atlas to confuse the mana in the room, and Nozel’s shield begins to break up. However, when the elf attacks again, Nozel somehow blocks the needle and injures him. Nozel refuses to fight and orders his brothers to return, but Noel refuses. Nozel asks the elf to show the power of the Silva family.


Nozel continues to block the compass needle while strategizing. Noel decides to flood her room with her water magic, and Nozel creates a protective shell around her and her brother. When Kivn is forced to unlock her spell, Nozel immediately attacks and binds her with Mercury Magic. Nozel praises Noel’s strength and apologizes for Noel’s abuse. Suddenly, Nozel is pierced by three needles and falls when Kivn raises the big and strong Another Atlas. Noel unlocks the Valkyrie dress to protect her brother and reminds Nozel of her mother.

After Noel defeats Kiven, more elves come to battle. Zora also arrives and brings a Nebula and Nozel healer. Zora untries Nosel by not protecting her family. This motivates Nosel to magically strengthen her body and refrain from healing. Zora will be able to see where the two brothers have placed the trap. Nozel then rests and is treated with a Bubble Refresher.

When Fugo Leon and Meleo Leona arrive at the castle, Nozel finishes recovery. Nozel points out that Fuego Leon has a salamander spirit. Before the Shadow Palace gate closes, Nozel carries Asta and Noel, Fuego Leon carries Meleo Leona and Mimosa Vermilion, and Black Bulls and Kirsch Vermilion fight more golden dawn. After passing the gate, the group is scattered throughout the shadow palace.

Nozel is heading to the 11th room when he feels the magic of Patri’s swelling. After Asta and Yuno diverted the dark elf’s punishment, God saves them from the second. He spreads mercury around the room and locks Patri in a silver cage. This reflects all of the dark elf attack on him. Nose then recognizes Asta and Yuno as rivals for the Magic Emperor title. He prepares and prepares to kill Patri, but Asta stops him. Yuno explains that it is also William’s body, and Asta can break the spell with Demon Destroyer Sword. Asta was unsuccessful, but liberated Patri from depression and the elf offered to help humans.

Nozel and others feel a surge in the power of the Devil’s magic, and when it overflows from the upper room, Nozel succeeds in avoiding it. Nozel sends Asta, Yuno, and Patri to fight the devil, while he and Mimosa leave to gather others. As they fly down the corridors, Nozel and Mimosa are surprised that Licht will pull out the magic of Leah and Ronne and help the spell’s power to destroy the devil.

When he arrives at Noel’s whereabouts, Nozel saves Fana from the devil’s magic and warns everyone about the growing threat. Richt and Remiel Silvermillion Clover send a protective aura to the elves. Nozel draws Meleo Leona and Jack surrounded by the devil’s magic to his platform. Fana leads the group to the top room, and when the protective light goes off. Valtos saves the magic knight and elf and warps to the top room.

Humans and elves return to Clover Castle, and Nozel creates a floating platform for everyone.


A few days later, during Azer’s trial, Nozel and Fuego Leon suspended the battle between Black Bulls and Kim Damnatio. Two captains will perform the task from Julius. The Black Bulls are exiled while the team investigates the devil. Nozel explains that this not only removes the accused devil, but also holds a precious magic knight and solves the kingdom’s crisis.

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