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Nozomi Mino’s Yakuza Lover Manga Gets Live-Action Adaptation

Minano Hope Yakuza Lover has reached its final episode in the August issue of Cheese! (Shogakukan) released today June 23rd. In addition, it was announced that it will be made into a live-action drama in the MBS “Drama Special Zone” frame.

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“Yakuza Lover” is a story about the dangerous love between a young yakuza, Sakuraya Satomi, and an ordinary female college student, Yuri. Up to 11 volumes have been released. The premier Cheese! August issue and Cheese! October issue features episodes that depict the rest of the main story. 

Details of the drama will be announced in future magazines. Also, in this issue, a new serialization of the Taiga ticket “I can’t breathe because you blow me” has started.

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