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Obama Makes Anime Debut in Netflix’s Baki Hanma

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2023)

In the thrilling world of Baki Hanma, anime fans have been treated to action-packed episodes, unexpected cameos, and adrenaline-pumping battles. The second season of Baki Hanma on Netflix has brought in a new real-life figure, Barack Obama, reimagined as “Barack Ozma,” making his anime debut in the Baki universe.

Baki Hanma has a reputation for introducing real-life figures into its story, and the previous season featured appearances from the likes of Mike Tyson and Che Guevara. In a hilarious twist, former US President George W. Bush played a role in Baki’s journey, adding an entertaining element to the show.

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In the current season, Baki finds himself face-to-face with Barack Ozma, and fans are eager to witness the encounter between the former President and the formidable Yujiro Hanma. The blending of real-life figures with fictional characters adds an exciting layer to the anime’s narrative.

President Barack Obama Makes Their Anime Debut in New Netflix Series

Barack Ozma, voiced by Bill Butts in the English Dub, fits seamlessly into the wild world of Baki Hanma, where intense battles and unique characters are the norm.

Baki Hanma’s second season is split into two arcs, with the first thirteen episodes focusing on Baki and his companions’ fight against the Neanderthal Pickle. The second half, set to be released next month, promises a long-awaited rematch between Baki and his father, Yujiro Hanma.

While Netflix has not confirmed a third season, the Baki manga offers plenty of material for potential future episodes. Fans eagerly await more thrilling action and surprises in the ever-evolving world of Baki Hanma.


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