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Oda’s Creative Philosophy: Why Death Scenes Are Absent in One Piece

As the beloved One Piece manga series approaches its long-awaited conclusion, the anticipation among its loyal fanbase is reaching unprecedented levels. In a trend often observed in various forms of media, the imminent ending often involves a dramatic death that propels the protagonist’s personal growth.

However, recent revelations from a Twitter account dedicated to translating old interviews of Eiichiro Oda, the mastermind behind One Piece, have given fans a glimmer of hope. The account, @sandman, shared an intriguing detail that sheds light on Oda’s perspective. It seems the acclaimed mangaka has a distinct aversion to illustrating death scenes, favoring instead the depiction of joyous celebrations following arduous battles.

Oda’s Affection for Post-Battle Parties

According to the translated interviews, Oda’s fondness for drawing grand celebrations following epic clashes has influenced his storytelling choices. He views these festivities as the epitome of friendship and camaraderie, envisioning the conclusion of the series with a triumphant and jubilant affair.

The Absence of Major Character Deaths

Considering Oda’s inclination for celebratory scenes, fans are left to ponder whether this means there will be no significant character deaths in the remaining chapters of One Piece. It’s worth noting that the last major character death tied closely to Luffy and his crew occurred during the Marineford Arc, which was quite some time ago.

Since that pivotal arc, only a handful of minor characters have met their demise, none of whom were among the central cast. Consequently, it appears highly likely that fans will be spared from witnessing any major deaths in One Piece’s foreseeable future.

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An Element of Uncertainty

While the evidence suggests a lack of tragic demises for main characters, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if Oda decides to eliminate a character dear to Luffy. One potential candidate could be Garp, who is presently active in the manga and could potentially face an uncertain fate.

In light of these revelations, fans of One Piece can breathe a sigh of relief. The prospect of their beloved characters surviving until the end of the series seems increasingly plausible. Oda’s commitment to showcasing the power of friendship and unity through joyous celebrations signifies a hopeful and uplifting conclusion to the epic saga.


As the final chapters of One Piece draw nearer, fans can find solace in the knowledge that their cherished characters may escape tragic deaths. Eiichiro Oda’s preference for illustrating grand post-battle parties and his belief in celebrating friendship as the series’ essence suggest a triumphant and festive climax awaits. While uncertainties remain, the prospect of a joyous celebration is a cause for optimism among the dedicated One Piece fanbase.

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