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Odd Taxi Series Gets New RoOT/Route of Odd Taxi Project

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2023)

Odd Taxi, the critically acclaimed anime series from 2021, has announced a new project called RoOT/Route of Odd Taxi. The announcement has generated a lot of excitement among fans of the original series, who are eager to see where the story goes next.

Odd Taxi follows the story of a socially awkward taxi driver named Odokawa, who gets involved in a web of intrigue when one of his passengers goes missing. The series features a cast of memorable characters, including a struggling actor, a high school girl who wants to be a YouTuber, and a police detective who becomes obsessed with Odokawa.

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RoOT/Route of Odd Taxi promises to be an expansion of the original series, delving deeper into the characters and world of Odd Taxi. The project will include new content in various forms, including manga, novels, and audio dramas. The first volume of the manga is set to be released in April 2022, with the other forms of content to follow at a later date.

The announcement of RoOT/Route of Odd Taxi has been met with excitement from fans and critics alike. The original series was praised for its unique blend of comedy, mystery, and drama, as well as its complex characters and clever writing. The promise of new content that delves deeper into the world of Odd Taxi is sure to please fans who have been eagerly waiting for more from the series.

While details about the project are still scarce, fans have already begun speculating about what they can expect from RoOT/Route of Odd Taxi. Some are hoping to see more of their favorite characters, while others are excited to learn more about the world of the series and the mysterious characters who inhabit it.

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The success of Odd Taxi and the announcement of RoOT/Route of Odd Taxi are also a testament to the growing popularity of anime and manga around the world. With more and more people tuning in to watch anime series and read manga, it’s clear that the anime industry is thriving. Odd Taxi is just one of many great anime series that have captured the imaginations of viewers around the world, and with each new project, the medium only continues to grow in popularity.

Overall, the announcement of RoOT/Route of Odd Taxi is great news for fans of the series. With new content set to explore the world of Odd Taxi even further, fans can look forward to even more exciting adventures with Odokawa and his passengers.


Source: Anime News Network

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