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Odd Taxi TV Anime Gets Stage Play Prologue, About Idols of Mystery Kiss

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2022)

The stage for the anime ” Odd Taxi ” has been decided. It will be performed at the Shibuya Cultural Center Owada Traditional Hall in Tokyo from July 14th to 18th under the title “Odd Taxi Kongo Stone (Diamond) Will Not Hurt”. The cast was also announced at the same time.

“Odd Taxi” is currently being released on TV anime from April 2021 and “Movie Odd Taxi in the Woods”. In the stage “Odd Taxi Kongoishi (Diamond) is not hurt”, the spotlight is on the three-member idol group Mystery Kiss that appeared in the play.

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And Kazuya Konomoto, who is the scriptwriter from the TV anime the day before their formation. Written by. The script is written by Mr. Date, an adult cafe, along with Konomoto. Yusei Naruse is listed as a director.

The cast who plays Mystery Kiss includes Yui Oguri of AKB48 as Rui Nikaido, a center with overwhelming cuteness and endless ambition, and Nonoka Yamaguchi of former E-girls as Yuki Mitsuya, who has a natural talent.

Hitomi Suzuki of ≠ ME is decided to play the modest role of Shiho Ichimura who is not confident in herself. In addition, Hiyori Hamagishi of Hinatazaka46 will play the role of Sakura Watagaki, who is honest and innocent of her desires. Watagaki is a key person in the story and a character with a past who fell into an audition.


Source: Anime News Network

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