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On 8th February Gintama, The Very Final Anime Film is going to Launch on Home Video (Digitally on 25th Jan)

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2021)

Gintama The Very Final by Hideaki Sorachi is the latest Gintama Film. The Shout! And Eleven Arts announced that they are going to release the movie in the West. It will first be released on Home Video on 8 February 2022. Furthermore, the digital copies will release much sooner on 25 January 2022. 

The physical release is going to be epic because it’s coming with a 16-page booklet that contains character art and a storyboard. Moreover, the whole physical packages contain DVD and Blu-Ray with English Dub and Japanese Dub along with subtitles. The best part is pre-order has already started on Shout! Official website (but it will be delivered on 8th February). 

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Gintama The Very Final Anime Film was first premiered in North America by Eleven Arts on November 20-22. Here is a quick description of the Gintama The Very Final Film by Eleven Arts: 

The countdown to destruction has begun! All will join to reclaim an Edo in grave peril! Earth is facing its darkest days, and the members of the Odd Jobs must come together to save it from an otherworldly menace. Old allies Gintoki, Takasugi, and Katsura strive their hardest for their own ideals, but standing in their way is someone with whom they share a sad history: Utsuro, an alternate personality of their former teacher and mentor, Shoyo. Shinpachi, Kagura, the Shinsengumi, members of the Kabuki District, and even former enemies will join their fight. As Utsuro’s power grows, Takasugi fights for his very life. Will Gintoki be able to put an end to all this?! 

Eleven Arts

This Science Fiction Period Drama Comedy manga was created by Hideaki Sorachi in 2003 and ended in 2019. Furthermore, it has sold over 55 million copies till now and is still in sales (among the best sellers). 


Source: Press Release via Crunchyroll

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