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One Piece Chapter 1087: Exciting Spoilers Await

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2023)

Fans eagerly anticipate the release of One Piece chapter 1087, but unfortunately, it has been delayed until mid-July 2023 due to Eiichiro Oda undergoing eye surgery for astigmatism. Despite the delay, fans have shown overwhelming support for Oda’s decision and have expressed their well wishes for his recovery. Nevertheless, discussions about the upcoming chapter continue, with fans speculating on the possible directions the series may take.

With the Reverie flashback concluded, One Piece chapter 1087 could explore various storylines. One possibility is a focus on the Straw Hat Pirates, who have been absent for several chapters. As the hiatus ends and the flashback concludes, it would be fitting to shift the narrative back to Luffy and his crew.

Another intriguing direction would be to revisit the Egghead Incident and the Straw Hats. Fans are particularly interested in the arrival of the Blackbeard Pirates on Egghead Island, expecting Laffitte and Catarina Devon to make an appearance. It is essential for the upcoming chapter to confirm their involvement and reveal their roles in the incident.

Alternatively, the ongoing clash between SWORD and the Blackbeard Pirates on Hachinosu Island could take center stage. The potential rescue of Koby by SWORD could have significant repercussions for Blackbeard’s plans and introduce further developments in the fight. Additionally, fans are eager to witness the epic confrontation between Garp and Kuzan, hoping it won’t be offscreened until the very end.

Returning to Hachinosu Island in One Piece chapter 1087 might also set up a surprising twist regarding the arrival at Egghead Island. While fans expect Laffitte and Catarina Devon, having them appear on Hachinosu would be an unexpected turn of events. Similarly, staying in Mariejois and delving deeper into the Holy Knights and Gorosei could provide a major plot twist.

However, it is unlikely that Oda would divulge extensive information about a recently introduced group, especially after revealing significant details about Imu and the Gorosei during the Reverie flashback. Oda’s storytelling style favors long-term development, and revealing too much about the Holy Knights immediately after their introduction would diminish their intrigue.


As fans eagerly anticipate One Piece chapter 1087, they remain engaged with the series across various media formats, including anime, manga, films, and the live-action adaptation. As 2023 progresses, fans eagerly await Oda’s triumphant return and the exciting developments that lie ahead.

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