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One Piece Chapter 1096 Spoilers, Release Date, & More!

In the recent release of One Piece Chapter 1095, fans were treated to the highly anticipated God Valley flashback, a storyline that had been teased for quite some time. The chapter picked up where its predecessor left off, with Bonney engaging in a fierce battle against the Awakened Saint Garcia Saturn.

One Piece Chapter 1096 Spoilers, Release Date, & More!

Meanwhile, Kizaru found himself incapacitated after his clash with Luffy, who was left utterly drained and appeared markedly aged. The chapter delivered a rollercoaster of emotions, leaving readers eagerly awaiting the next installment.

As per the schedule, One Piece will take a brief hiatus next week before returning in two weeks’ time. Chapter 1096 is slated for release on October 29, 2023, with spoilers likely to surface around October 26, 2023.

Here’s a glimpse of what readers can anticipate in the upcoming chapter:

1. Kuma’s Progression: With the much-anticipated flashback of Kuma on the horizon, the narrative takes us back 49 years to the events of God Valley. Expect insights into Kuma’s perspective, shedding light on how he survived enslavement on the island and ultimately engineered his escape.

2. Bonney or Luffy’s Mom Likely To Be Revealed: The series wastes no time in unraveling remaining mysteries. The focus shifts to the past of Jewelry Bonney’s father, Kuma. This narrative thread may also lead to revelations about the parentage of either Jewelry Bonney or even Luffy.

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3. Revolution Army Origins: The pivotal incident that triggered a revolution involving three enslaved children occurred in God Valley. Readers can look forward to a deeper understanding of this significant event, with Kuma, Jinny, and Emporio at the forefront of the revolution army.

4. Saint Figarland Garling’s Motives & Shanks: The motives of Saint Figarland Garling, a member of the God’s Knights, have been a burning question for several chapters. The chapter might shed light on his intentions and possibly provide insights into Shanks’s origin and his association with the Roger Pirates.

While these are just speculations, the upcoming chapter promises to be a game-changer in the One Piece saga. With the release set for two weeks from now, fans have an exciting journey ahead in the world of pirates, mysteries, and epic battles. For those eager to dive in, One Piece can be enjoyed on the Manga Plus app/website and Viz Media’s website!

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