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One Piece – Devil Fruit Reincarnation Explained In Detail

One Piece - Devil Fruit Reincarnation Explained In Detail

How’s it going everybody welcome to . and back to devil fruits explained which i’m now renaming one piece explained where we take an in-depth look at the various aspects of the one-piece world in this installment. we’re going to be talking about devil fruit reincarnation at first glance it may seem like a very straightforward topic however while thinking about it from a different perspective i had an epiphany of sorts and realized that there might be a lot more to it hiding in plain sight.

Whats is Devil Fruit Reincarnation?

Before i start asking the real questions let’s quickly recap how devil fruit reincarnation works. When we were first introduced to devil fruits we were given the impression that these mystical objects just sort of existed in the world giving those who ate them a specific superpower at the cost of their swimming ability. As the series progressed we slowly learned more about them but it wouldn’t be until marine forward that we were shown the first example of devil fruit powers being passed on after death as Whitebeard was not only killed but his devil fruit the Gura Gura no Mi was also somehow obtained by Blackbeard directly.

Explaining The Secrets Of Devil Fruit Reincarnation - Does It Work The Way We Think? | One Piece
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After the fact to the horror of basically everyone present this new concept of devil fruit powers returning after the user’s death wouldn’t be expanded upon again until punk hazard, where Caesar Clown purposely killed his pet Smiley which had the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl directly after smiley was killed a nearby apple transformed into a devil fruit before our very eyes.

Ace’s Devil Fruit

Insinuating that once a devil fruit user passes away the devil fruit is reborn within the nearest fruit after this we would finally get written confirmation about devil fruit reincarnation from one of Doflamingo’s lackeys in Dressrosa Arc which came after it was revealed that Doflamingo was in possession of Ace’s devil fruit the Mara Mara no Mi following his death. Their lackey stated that once a devil fruit user dies their devil fruit is reborn somewhere within the world and at some point after ace’s death doflamingo obtained it.

So now that we’ve had that recap on the basics of devil fruit reincarnation there’s a very important question i want to ask because this question could fundamentally change how we view devil fruit reincarnation as a whole. Do devil fruits actually reincarnate to the nearest fruit like we’ve seen on punk hazard or do they only reincarnate to the nearest fruit that resembles the devil fruit in question? To elaborate on what i mean just so everyone can understand exactly what i’m talking about let me remind you of the existence of the devil fruit encyclopedia a somewhat rare book that contains descriptions of the many different devil fruits throughout the world. The important part being that some of the devil fruits within this book contain images of the devil fruits appearance, the reason this information is so important is because this shows us that every individual specific devil fruit will always have the same appearance.

Blackbeard’s Devil Fruit Plan!

Blackbeard’s entire plan centered around obtaining the Yami Yami no Mi and because of that he memorized every aspect of its appearance from the devil fruit encyclopedia. That way when he finally came across it he would recognize it instantly based on its appearance alone and considering he did come across it and it was indeed the fruit that he sought after it proves that this fact is true.

We were also shown Law’s devil fruit the Ope Ope no Mi in a flashback during Dressrosa which revealed that the fruit was previously used by a famous doctor and the devil fruit has since been reborn within the world. It’s appearance was heart-shaped and since the marines were so confident that this was the devil fruit they were looking for solely based on its appearance they were willing to pay 5 billion belly to acquire it, showing us that the appearance of devil fruits must be the one constant factor in identifying them.

Devil Fruit Reincarnation In Simple Fruits

Now that we’ve established the fact that each devil fruit has a specific and unchanging appearance, let’s go back to punk hazard with the Sara Sara no Mi after Smiley’s death this devil fruit was seemingly reborn to the nearest fruit been an apple.

But here’s my hypothesis the reason it transported to this apple is because the Sara Sara no Mi‘s actual appearance resembles an apple that means it’s very possible the only reason it didn’t reincarnate halfway across the world is because there happen to be apples specifically nearby and because it resembles an apple maybe that means it can only be reborn within the nearest apple instead of the nearest fruit regardless of what it is,

Caesar clown likely already knew that the Sara Sara no Mi was shaped like an apple as he was the one who originally fed it too Smiley in the first place meaning he would know what it originally looked like. To test his own theory he likely put that bag of apples there to test if the devil fruit would actually reincarnate to a fruit of the same typing just in case you still don’t understand what i mean let me give you another example for this example let’s take a look at Kaku’s devil fruit the Ushi Ushi no Mi Model giraffe when it was first presented to kaku nobody knew what devil fruit it could possibly be because its appearance hadn’t yet been documented but if we look at the devil fruit itself it’s very clear that it looks like bananas so with that appearance we can assume that this devil fruit can only be reincarnated within the nearest pair of bananas.

So if Kaku were to die there could be two possibilities of what might happen based on my hypothesis, if we are to believe that devil fruits simply reincarnate to the nearest fruit regardless of what it is if we place a watermelon next to kaku and then shoot him in the head would this devil fruit transfer to the watermelon since it is the nearest fruit after all or since its original appearance resembles bananas would it transfer three islands over to the nearest pair of bananas and be reincarnated there.

It’s certainly an unanswered question as to what would actually happen but i think my evidence certainly makes the latter a strong possibility. The only other possibility would be that devil fruits do have a specific appearance but they still reincarnate to the nearest fruit regardless of what it is so the only real difference being that no matter what fruit is closest they simply morph into.

How Blackbeard Obtained Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit?

How Blackbeard Obtained Whitebeard's Devil Fruit?
One Piece - Devil Fruit Reincarnation Explained In Detail
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Their specific appearance from that fruit this could also be very possible which is why i feel it’s important to bring it up however i still think it doesn’t make quite as much sense compared to being reborn through fruits that resemble the devil fruit itself. This entire concept of devil fruits being reincarnated through specific fruits could also explain a lot for instance it could explain how Blackbeard was able to obtain Whitebeard’s devil fruit the Gura Gura no Mi, while it’s still a mystery as to how he was able to actually eat the two devil fruits simply obtaining it would be a different story.

Blackbeard could very well have known what the Gura Gura no Mi looked like and simply carried that type of fruit on his person so say for instance the Gura Gura no Mi looked like a pair blackbeard could simply carry a pair in his pocket so once whitebeard died or if he died there was a high probability that the Gura Gura no Mi would reincarnate as it would likely be the closest pair in the vicinity to host the ability. The same concept could also be how Doflamingo got his hands on the Mara Mara no Mi obviously he has black market ties so he simply could have purchased it after the fact but since he rolled up to ace’s execution knowing very well that ace was likely going to die if he had prior intel on the Mara Mara no Mi appearance he could have brought its regular fruit counterpart with him so once ace was killed it would be reincarnated in the fruit he had on his person. To make one last point lately within the one piece magazine that runs in japan we got to see the appearance of other devil fruits that we’d never seen before like Robin’s Hana Hana no Mi and Chopper’s Hito Hito no Mi showing us that these are the definitive appearances of these particular devil fruits meaning that every time they are reborn they would look exactly like this.

The only issue is that these particular devil fruits have very unique appearances to the point where it might be a little hard to guess what type of fruit they originated from. That said one piece is a fictional story so it’s also very likely that many different varieties of regular fruits exist in the one piece world that don’t exist in our world so if we look at the Hito Hito no Mi it resembles a mushroom in one piece there could very well be some fruit out there that is shaped like a mushroom and this mushroom fruit could be the only fruit that the Hito Hito no Mi could be reborn within. As I highly doubt this mushroom-looking devil fruit could simply reincarnate within an apple and transform to look like a mushroom it could still be possible i guess but i highly doubt it. You guys will have to let me know if this hypothesis makes any sense but based on all the evidence i’ve presented i think devil fruit reincarnation could very well require specific fruits rather than just the nearest fruit regardless of what it is.

Devil Fruits In Wano

Let me know all your thoughts in the comment section down below. A few more general things to bring up about devil fruit reincarnation before we go would be that recently in Wano we’ve seen a few new examples of devil fruit reincarnation the standout example would be that Absalom was killed by the Blackbeard pirates and his devil fruit the Suki Suki no Mi was reincarnated and consumed by Shiryu. Additionally we saw two instances of devil fruits that used to exist in wano that have since been reborn elsewhere in the world during odin’s flashback as other characters in the present now have these very powers these examples being the Mane Mane no Mi which was previously used by Kurozumi Higarashi but within the current time period it is used by Mr. 2 and also the Bari Bari no Mi which was previously used by Kurazumi Semimaru and within the current time period it is used by Bartolomeo.

It’s not exactly known how these fruits went all the way from the new world to places like the grand line and east blue but regardless of how they got there these are two new examples of devil fruit reincarnation within the series.

Big Mom’s Devil Fruit – Eat the Devil Furit User

And the final thing i want to mention would be that devil fruit users might very well be considered a walking devil fruit as we saw that Big Mom obtained her devil fruit the Soru Soru no Mi by eating the previous user mother Carmel.

Meaning that if you wanted a specific devil fruit but it was already consumed by another person all you need to do is literally eat that person who has the devil fruit you want. And boom now you’ve got that devil fruit which in turn completely skips the normal reincarnation process which also kind of insinuates that devil fruits fundamentally change the very biology of the one who eats it by making them a devil fruit in a sense but ending with cannibalism that’s all i have to explain when it comes to devil fruit reincarnation.


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