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One Piece: Everything you need to know about Yamato

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2021)

One Piece world is one of the best fictional worlds created in anime or manga ever. The story of One Piece is interesting. But what makes One Piece more interesting? The characters and their development in series. One Piece has a huge collection of characters and still getting characters in running series.

Everything you need to know about Yamato

Today you will learn about the recently introduced character Yamato. This is everything you need to know about Yamato’s blog post. We are going to cover various questions and facts related to Yamato.

Fun Fact: The meaning of Yamato in Japanese is “Great Harmony”. And Japanese Navy has a battleship with a similar name “Yamato.” Also there are places and cities in Japan that have the same name. It’s quite common or you can say a popular name.

What you will read below:

  • 1. Who is Yamato?
  • 2. What is Yamato’s gender?
  • 3. Yamato’s devil fruit and strengths.
  • 4. Reason for rebellion against her father Kaido.
  • 5. Why does everyone like Yamato?

***Spoilers Ahead***

If you are not updated with the manga then you can get some spoilers. So read at your own risk.

Who is Yamato?

Everything you need to know about Yamato

Yamato is a recently introduced character. She is the daughter of Kaido and one of the strongest crew members. If you did not know Kaido is one of the (Yonko = “Yon” means Four and “Ko” means Emperor) Four Emperors and captain of The Beast Pirates. Yamato is a huge follower of Kozoko Oden. Even Yamato dress and behave like Kozoki Oden. And also known as Self-Styled Kozoki Oden.

Her first appearance in manga is chapter 971 and in anime in episode 972. Many people did not recognize her because her first appearance is just a few seconds long. I mean quite short.

What is Yamato’s gender?

There are lots of One Piece fans confuse about the gender of Yamato. Because when Yamato’s father Kaido addresses Yamato his son in from of Tobi Roppo. But Yamato’s appearance is more like a girl.

Well, now Yamato’s gender is confirmed in recent chapters. Yamato is female. As I said above she is a follower or fan of Kozuki Oden. That’s why she becomes the next Oden to keep his legacy alive.

She dresses, behaves, and even talks like Oden. That’s not it because Oden is a Man. So, She also becomes a man (Not biologically). Everyone around her recognizes as a male.

Will Yamato join straw hats?

Everything you need to know about Yamato

The next most asked question after knowing Yamato’s friendly behavior towards Luffu is will Yamato join straw hats? Well, there is nothing confirmed yet but there are some fan theories in the One Piece community.

Most One Piece fans think Yamato will be the next member of Strawhat’s. Below you get some possible reasons.

First, Luffy said at the start of the series is he want 10 members in his crew. Excluding Luffy, because he is the captain. There is only 9 member after joining Boss Jinbei.

Second, Same like Oden, she is restricted to live in Onigashima. Yamato wants to travel around the world on a ship. And Luffy’s crew is best in for achieving her dream

Third, In one chapter of the manga Yamato asked Luffy if she can join his crew. Her dialog is “As Kozuki Oden and since you are ace’s little brother I thought you would let me Board your ship”. And Luffy did not reject any crew member yet.

These reasons are more than enough. But it all depends on Eiichiro Oda – the author of One Piece.

Yamato’s devil fruit and strengths

Inu Inu no Mi

Yamato is one of the most powerful characters in the One Piece world. Also, she is the second strongest female character after Big Mom. But strong she is?

Devil fruit of Yamato is the same as other Beast Pirates. It’s Zoan-Type “Inu Inu no Mi” or the “Dog Dog Devil Fruit”. Her devil fruit mod is “Makmi”. But without her devil fruit, Yamato is quite a fighter.
She is a user of Advance Haki. And because have the blood of Kaido himself – She born with Superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes.

Why is Yamato fighting her father, Kaido in One Piece?

When One Piece fans ask this question then there is a big list of reasons. In short, Yamato hates her father, Kaido. That’s why she wants to get revenge. Let’s read the reason why she hates Kaido so much.

  • 1. Everything starts from the execution of Kozuki Oden. Yamato admires Oden from her childhood but Oden is executed by his father. That’s the biggest reason. She wants to avenge Kuzuki Oden.
  • 2. She gets beaten up by Kaido because she loves Oden. Kaido did not want his daughter to admire his enemy. Her past is filled with the brutal beating by her father.
  • 3. Last but not least, She is Imprisoned and Blackmail to stay in Onigashima. She is not allowed to leave Onigashima. For this reason, she has prison neck cuffs in her neck. Who would do it with their child?

Why does everyone like Yamato?

Everything you need to know about Yamato

In the short amount of time after Yamato was introduced to One Piece, she become popular among One Piece fans. But many fans still did not know why she is so special. Well here is a list of why she is popular.

  • 1. First thing first, She is adorable and one of the most beautiful female characters in One Piece. Her character design is pretty amazing.
  • 2. Her connection to Ace makes her an important character. And also she is a fan of Kozuki Oden and follows his path.
  • 3. One of the strongest female characters and pretty female strong in comparison of others characters as well. One last thing which makes her more important is she has Oden’s Journal. She knows everything that Oden knows.
  • 4. Last but not least, She is the perfect strong female character One Piece fans want. She is super strong like Big Mom and beautiful at the same time. Nami and Robin are cute too but not count in the strongest characters.

In Closing,

We, One Piece fans get a great character. But we still did not know much about Yamato and her past. Like her real strength and who is her mother? And much more. But one this is for sure, the story of the Wano arc and after that is going to be amazing.


What do you think about Yamato, Did she join the straw hats crew? Let me in the comment section!

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