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One Piece Fans Observe Its Been 3 Months Since Luffy Was in the Manga

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2023)

The One Piece manga, known for its epic storytelling and diverse cast of characters, has taken an intriguing turn by shifting its focus away from the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, and towards the rich tapestry of side characters. This decision has sparked a range of opinions among readers, who have taken to social media platforms like Twitter to express their thoughts and theories.

A Twitter user named Sagar ignited the discussion by highlighting the fact that Luffy hasn’t made an appearance in the manga for three months. While some fans responded with memes and excitement, anticipating the highly anticipated return of the future Pirate King, many others expressed a surprising lack of disappointment over Luffy’s absence. This sentiment seems to stem from the captivating narratives and character development currently unfolding with the side cast.

One enthusiastic fan boldly proclaimed that the One Piece manga is currently at its peak, and in their opinion, no other manga excels at exploring and showcasing side characters as brilliantly as One Piece does. The vast world of One Piece is brimming with unique individuals, each with their own captivating stories to tell. From the valiant Marines to the enigmatic members of the Revolutionary Army, these side characters add depth and complexity to the narrative, ensuring that every chapter is filled with surprises and intrigue.

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Another fan expressed their hope that the focus continues to stay away from the Straw Hat crew for a little longer. Instead, they eagerly anticipate witnessing a clash between two legendary figures: Aokiji and Garp. This desire to explore the interactions and confrontations between characters beyond the main crew highlights the allure and vast potential of the One Piece universe. It speaks to the depth of the storytelling and the ability of the series to captivate readers with its extensive roster of compelling personalities.

One Piece Fans Observe Its Been 3 Months Since Luffy Was in the Manga

The decision to shift focus from the protagonist and delve into the lives of side characters demonstrates the narrative prowess of Eiichiro Oda, the mastermind behind One Piece. By exploring the diverse experiences and perspectives of the vast cast, Oda weaves a rich tapestry that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages. It allows for the development of a multifaceted world that goes beyond the boundaries of a traditional adventure tale, immersing fans in a grand saga that continues to evolve and surprise.

As the discussion on Twitter unfolds, fans eagerly await the next chapters of the One Piece manga. The anticipation of Luffy’s eventual return is coupled with the excitement of witnessing the side characters’ growth, their encounters, and the uncharted territories they explore. It is a testament to the enduring popularity and engaging storytelling of One Piece that fans find themselves captivated by the journeys of both the main protagonist and the diverse array of supporting characters.

In conclusion, the One Piece manga’s decision to shift focus away from Monkey D. Luffy and towards the side characters has sparked a lively discussion among readers. While some express anticipation for Luffy’s return, many find themselves enthralled by the enthralling narratives and character development of the side cast. This shift highlights the brilliance of Eiichiro Oda’s storytelling, allowing for a rich exploration of the vast world he has created. As fans eagerly await the next chapters, they revel in the depth and complexity brought to life by these beloved side characters.


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