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‘One Piece Film: Red’ India Release Announced ! 7 th October debut

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2022)

Wait is over! The One Piece anime film series has been a huge success in many parts of the world. PVR Pictures, as part of its exclusive deal with ODEX, now brings the latest installment of the franchise to Indian cinemas on 7 October 2022. The film will make its official debut on Indian screens long before its international release in the United States.

The 15th entry in the series, ‘One Piece Film: Red’ tells the story of Utah, a legendary singer known for a supernatural and enchanting voice, who always hides her true identity. While the journey begins with the shocking discovery that she is the red-haired Shanks’ daughter, Utah
announces that she will eventually reveal herself to the world at a live concert. All his fans, including the Straw Hat Pirates, wait with bated breath for the unveiling, what happens next forms the crux of the thrill.

PVR Pictures is releasing ‘One Piece Film: Red’ in cinemas from 7 October 2022.

The film has already broken several records at the global box office, ranking #1 in Japan and raking in close to US$16.7 million within two days of release. It is currently the most successful installment of the franchise. Full of epic action sequences along with vibrant and captivating visuals, ‘One Piece Movie:
‘Red’ means to experience all its glory on the big screen.

PVR Cinemas is a film entertainment company in India. The company started as a joint venture agreement between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited in 1995 with a ratio of 60:40. It began business operations in June 1997. Ajay Bijli, president and managing director of PVR Cinemas, founds the company. Ajay Bijli’s brother, Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, is the Deputy General Manager of PVR Ltd. The company also operates a proactive wing of CSR under PVR. The first PVR Gold display was unveiled at Forum Mall, Bangalore.

PVR cinemas and Odex deal

ODEX is a privately owned Singapore company with its forte in Japanese Anime since 2000. With an extensive list of anime titles in its library, ODEX distributes Japanese Anime programs to TV stations, Cinemas & VOD Platforms; other businesses include Merchandise licensing and Mall Events. Being the pioneer to spearhead the anime industry and a strong advocate for licensed anime programs, ODEX is constantly creating and reinventing ways to deliver licensed anime programs to the masses.


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