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One Piece Manga First 12 Volumes Now Free Worldwide Thanks to Netflix Series

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2023)

Fans of the beloved manga and anime series, One Piece, are in for a treat as VIZ Media has made the first 12 volumes of the One Piece manga available for free reading in the United States. This exciting move allows both long-time fans and newcomers to dive into the early origins of the Straw Hat pirates and immerse themselves in the rich lore created by Eiichiro Oda.

One Piece Manga First 12 Volumes Now Free Worldwide Thanks to Netflix Series

Furthermore, the One Piece universe is expanding even further with Netflix’s live-action adaptation. Season 1 of the show covers the East Blue Saga, adapting 108 chapters from the manga. The initial eight episodes follow Luffy as he assembles his Nakama, staying true to Oda’s vision of dreams and the importance of “found family.” This adaptation splits those 108 chapters into 12 volumes, offering fans a more immersive experience alongside the show’s two-episode arc structure.

While the live-action strives to remain faithful to the source material, the creators have made it clear that it’s a separate entity, allowing room for some differences. Notably, Garp’s arrival is timed differently, and there are setting changes, all while maintaining a slightly goofier tone compared to the manga.

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One Piece fans have had mixed feelings about the live-action adaptation, but its debut on Netflix on August 31 has garnered rave reviews, giving newcomers a chance to discover a story that has been decades in the making. As the original manga enters its final saga, the live-action series is just beginning, already sparking discussions about the possibility of a second season.

With the availability of the early manga volumes and the excitement surrounding the live-action series, it’s an exciting time to be part of the One Piece fandom, whether you’re a seasoned fan or setting sail on this epic adventure for the first time.


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