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One Piece Manga Reveals New Devil Fruits of Perona and Enel

One Piece fans are in for a treat as Volume 17 of the One Piece Magazine unveils two intriguing new Devil Fruits wielded by beloved characters Perona and Enel. The detailed sketches and designs by creator Eiichiro Oda add a layer of creativity and charm to these exciting power-granting fruits.

One Piece Manga Reveals New Devil Fruits of Perona and Enel

First in line is Perona’s Hollow-Hollow Fruit, distinguished by its pale yellow hue and unique segmented structure reminiscent of bananas. Each section is adorned with markings resembling a pair of ghostly eyes, perfectly aligning with the fruit’s supernatural abilities. Those who partake of the Hollow-Hollow Fruit are transformed into Ghost Humans, gaining the power to summon ethereal apparitions known as Hollows.

Enel’s Rumble-Rumble Fruit, on the other hand, bears a striking resemblance to a pear, yet its exterior is adorned with jagged spikes resembling lightning bolts. Spiraling designs evoke the image of crackling electricity, complementing the fruit’s vivid yellow coloration. The Rumble-Rumble Fruit grants its consumer the ability to become a Lightning Human, empowering them to generate and control electricity with formidable prowess.

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Fans have been quick to laud the captivating designs of these Devil Fruits, praising Oda’s ability to seamlessly blend their appearances with the powers they confer. The unveiling of these fruits not only adds an exciting layer of lore to the One Piece world but also showcases Oda’s enduring creativity, a hallmark of the series that has endeared it to fans worldwide.

With the introduction of these new Devil Fruits, the stage is set for even more electrifying and ghostly encounters in the world of One Piece, leaving fans eagerly anticipating how Perona and Enel will harness their newfound powers in the series’ unfolding adventures.


Source: IGN India

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