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One Piece Season 2 on Netflix: Characters We Might See

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2023)

The global success of Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece has been nothing short of phenomenal. With Season 1 masterfully encapsulating the East Blue saga, fans new and old witnessed the formation of the iconic Straw Hat crew. With confirmation that Season 2 is officially underway, anticipation is building over which beloved characters from Eiichiro Oda’s iconic manga and anime will make their first appearance in this format.

Picking up the narrative thread where it was left, Season 2 promises to take us on the Straw Hats’ thrilling voyage towards the Grand Line, delving into major arcs that have left fans on the edge of their seats. Depending on the span and scope of the upcoming season, we can expect the introduction of several key characters that have left indelible marks in the manga and anime.

Without giving too much away (to keep it spoiler-free for our new One Piece aficionados), here are some of the pivotal One Piece characters who might grace our screens in the upcoming Netflix’s Season 2 live-action series. Dive in, speculate, and share which character you’re most eager to see brought to life in the comments below!

Captain Smoker

After a tantalizing post-credits glimpse at the end of One Piece Season 1, we are introduced to Smoker, also known as the “White Hunter”. This Captain from the Marines has set his sights on Luffy, especially after he clinched the highest bounty in East Blue with his debut bounty poster.

Poised as the ultimate hurdle before Luffy and his crew venture into the Grand Line, Smoker awaits them at the very location where the legendary Gol D. Roger met his fate. It’s a final showdown in the East Blue before our heroes embark on their next chapter.

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Some eagle-eyed fans theorize that he might have already been subtly introduced in a scene from the first season. Yet, what’s undeniable is that we’ll see him in his full menacing glory as the primary antagonist of the Alabasta arc. With his ability to manipulate sand, he not only threatens an entire kingdom but also poses the first real challenge for Luffy and the Straw Hat crew in the Grand Line. His showdown with Luffy would undoubtedly make a riveting climax for the upcoming season.

On a side note, the character of Crocodile has sparked intriguing discussions among fans. An article titled “One Piece” Live-Action Sparks Debate: Was Crocodile Originally a Woman?” delves deeper into this debate, adding another layer of intrigue to his possible character portrayal in the series.

Miss All Sunday (Nico Robin)

Among the roster of intriguing characters we may encounter in Netflix’s One Piece Season 2, Miss All Sunday, better known to many as Nico Robin, stands out prominently. A character shrouded in mystery, her initial association with the malevolent Baroque Works piques interest. Serving directly under Crocodile, she held the title of Vice-President and was central to many pivotal moments in the series.

As we navigate the treacherous waters of the Grand Line in Season 2, Nico Robin’s multi-faceted character is set to unravel further.

Her transition from an adversary to a vital component in Luffy’s crew will be a captivating journey to witness. Fans familiar with the series are keenly awaiting her full-fledged introduction, and newcomers are sure to be enthralled by the enigma that is Nico Robin.

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Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper, the endearing reindeer doctor of the Straw Hat crew, has been hinted at joining the live-action rendition of One Piece, and that hint comes from none other than the series creator, Eiichiro Oda. In his official statement regarding Season 2, Oda playfully teased, “It appears the Straw Hats are in need of a proficient doctor…” sealing the hint with a distinctive sketch of Chopper.

This nod indicates that as Season 2 sails into the Grand Line after the Straw Hats’ encounter with Smoker, fans will be treated to a live-action portrayal of the unique reindeer, gifted with human attributes. The anticipation is palpable to see how this beloved character translates to the live-action realm.

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Dr. Kureha

The anticipated introduction of Chopper in One Piece Season 2 all but assures fans of another significant debut: his mentor, Dr. Kureha. This venerable doctor, who hails from the Drum Island arc of the One Piece manga, not only imparts medical knowledge to Chopper but also plays a pivotal role in his journey to becoming an invaluable member of the Straw Hat crew.

What adds to the excitement is the buzzing fan wish for the esteemed Jamie Lee Curtis to portray Dr. Kureha. This potential casting has generated considerable curiosity and is yet another reason to eagerly await her live-action appearance.

King Wapol

Should the narrative touch upon Drum Island in One Piece Season 2, it’s almost certain we’ll encounter King Wapol. His confrontations with Luffy might not rank among the most gripping, but akin to Buggy, Wapol evolves to play a more nuanced role in the series’ tapestry. His introduction is essential, serving as an early window into the twisted dynamics of power and politics Luffy and his crew will grapple with as they journey through the wider world.

Nefertari Vivi

Vivi's Stunning One Piece Cosplay Brings Arabasta Princess to Life

Should Netflix’s One Piece Season 2 venture into the Drum Island arc, as indicated by the potential unveiling of Chopper, we can also anticipate the grand entrance of Nefertari Vivi. This key character emerges just before the Drum Island storyline and shares adventures with the Straw Hats, journeying to her homeland of Alabasta. Vivi’s significance in the series is paramount. Without giving away any spoilers about her origins or subsequent role, she’s undoubtedly a pivotal figure to watch for in the upcoming episodes.

Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D ace

Should Netflix’s One Piece Season 2 set sail into the Alabasta arc, it paves the way for the introduction of characters even more pivotal than Vivi. Amidst the buzz and speculation, fans are particularly eager to catch a glimpse of who might portray the live-action version of Portgas D. Ace, a character whose fiery spirit and charisma have cemented him as a fan favorite in the series.

His significance isn’t just due to his magnetic presence; he shares a profound bond with Luffy, and their anticipated reunion in Alabasta is a narrative highlight. Given the series’ penchant for surprises and potential reshuffling of story arcs, Ace’s debut might occur in an unexpected twist, making his appearance in the series all the more anticipated. As Season 2 unfolds, the anticipation for Ace’s introduction and his integral role in the series’ intricate tapestry is something both newcomers and long-standing fans eagerly await.

Mr. 2 (Bon Kurei)

Navigating further into Netflix’s One Piece Season 2, amidst the drama and high stakes of the Alabasta saga, a dash of flamboyance awaits with the introduction of Bon Kurei, also known as Mr. 2. With his extravagant Okama style and the face-swapping abilities of the “Mane Mane no Mi” fruit, Bon Kurei initially emerges as an adversary.

However, his interactions with the Straw Hat crew, particularly his quirky bond with Luffy, add layers of comedy and unpredictability. Fans are eagerly awaiting how the live-action adaptation will bring this character’s unique blend of humor and drama to life.


And let’s be honest, in a world of pirates and grand adventures, who doesn’t need a touch of Bon Kurei’s fabulousness to lighten the mood?

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