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One Piece Set to Debut in India with Hindi Dubs

Exciting news is on the horizon for Indian anime enthusiasts, as speculations suggest that the beloved shonen anime, One Piece, might soon grace Indian television screens via the Sony YAY! channel, potentially as early as November. This information has been circulated by reputable anime leaker accounts, adding to the anticipation.

One Piece Set to Debut in India with Hindi Dubs

Sony YAY! has a commendable track record of airing popular shonen anime, including Naruto, in multiple regional dubs like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bengali. Given this precedent, it’s highly likely that if One Piece does make its debut on Sony YAY!, it will be offered in various regional language dubs across India.

However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that this news is currently based on insider leaks and has not yet been officially confirmed. That said, similar leaks have previously proven accurate regarding the broadcast of anime series like Naruto and My Hero Academia in India.

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In another exciting development, there are rumors of Naruto: Shippuden possibly receiving a Hindi dub in India. While the platform for its release remains unconfirmed, Sony YAY! has previously aired the first season of Naruto, making it a strong contender for broadcasting Shippuden as well.

Naruto’s resounding success on Sony YAY! has been remarkable, with an impressive audience of approximately 18 million viewers spanning all age groups. It has consistently ranked as a top-five program among male viewers aged 13 to 30. This success has likely piqued the channel’s interest in securing more captivating shows for its Indian audience, with the recent addition of Ninja Boy Rantaro being a testament to their commitment.

For Indian anime fans, the availability of One Piece on Crunchyroll is already cause for celebration. The series offers both its original Japanese and English dubs, and while it’s accessible from the Wano arc onwards, it’s also simulcasting, ensuring that Indian fans can stay up-to-date with the latest episodes as they air. The anime streaming giant has made a concerted effort to promote One Piece in the country, further enhancing the viewing experience for Indian fans. The anime landscape in India is undoubtedly becoming even more vibrant and diverse.


Source: IGN India

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