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Unveiling the Mysteries of One Piece Swords: Your Ultimate Guide to Their Grades!

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2023)

In the sprawling universe of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, pirates, Devil Fruits, and marine battles are just the tip of the iceberg. Dive deeper, and you’ll unearth the rich tapestry of swords—a legacy that binds tales of valor, ambition, and honor. For fans and newcomers alike, understanding the world of One Piece without acknowledging its iconic swords would be like navigating the Grand Line without a compass.

Unveiling the Mysteries of One Piece Swords: Your Ultimate Guide to Their Grades!

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From Roronoa Zoro’s fierce Santoryu technique to the legendary Saijo O Wazamono blades, each sword carries a story, a legacy, and a piece of the world’s soul. Whether you’re a sword enthusiast, an anime aficionado, or a storytelling connoisseur, this deep dive into One Piece’s bladed treasures will guide you through a lore as vast and mysterious as the seas themselves.

So, draw your blades and prepare to embark on a journey that cuts through the very heart of One Piece.

Swords 101: Distinguishing Between Ordinary and Meito

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One Piece isn’t just a tale of pirates; it’s a universe where every element, including swords, speaks volumes about its depth and detailing. For the uninitiated, it might seem like just another bladed weapon, but for those well-versed with the series, each sword has its tale and class. Starting with the basics, swords in the One Piece universe can broadly be categorized into two types: Ordinary and Meito.

Ordinary swords, as the name suggests, are the everyday weapons you might see in the hands of low-ranking marines or pirates. They’re functional, reliable, but don’t possess the allure or fame the Meito class of swords command.

Meito, translating to ‘Famous Blades‘, aren’t just renowned for their craftsmanship but are also enshrined in legends. These aren’t mere tools; they’re relics, often handed down through generations, echoing with the battles and tales of yore.

But why does this distinction matter? Beyond the narrative appeal, understanding the difference between these swords offers insights into the characters’ strength, lineage, and even their socio-political standing in the One Piece world. So, the next time you spot a character unsheathing their blade, remember: it’s not just about the fight; it’s about the legacy they’re carrying.

Meito Classifications: From Renowned to Legendary

Stepping deeper into the realm of Meito, one quickly realizes that the world of ‘Famous Blades’ isn’t just a monolithic category. Just as the vast seas of One Piece are divided into calm belts, the Grand Line, and the New World, Meito too have their hierarchy, reflecting their quality, history, and power. Here’s the gradation that sword enthusiasts, collectors, and Grand Line adventurers should be acquainted with:

  • Supreme Grade (Saijo O Wazamono): These are the crème de la crème of swords. With only a handful known to exist, they are legendary blades that are both a symbol of unparalleled craftsmanship and deadly prowess. Think of them as the mythical treasures every swordsman dreams of.
Gol D. Roger
Supreme Grade BladesWielders
AceGol D. Roger
YoruDracule Mihawk
Shodai KitetsuBald Gorosei (Rumored)
  • Great Grade (O Wazamono): A step below the supreme, but by no means any less formidable. These swords are highly revered, and those who wield them are often acknowledged as master swordsmen in their own right.
Great Grade BladesWielders
Wado IchimonjiZoro
Ame no HabakiriKozuki Momonosuke
ShusuiReturned to Wano Country (Ryuma’s Grave)
Nidai KitetsuKozuki Sukiyaki
  • Skillful Grade (Ryo Wazamono): As the name suggests, these swords are for the skillful, known for their exceptional balance and sharpness. While they might not hold the same status as the ones above, in the right hands, they can be just as lethal.
Skillful Grade BladesWielders
  • Grade (Wazamono): The entry point into the world of Meito. While they are renowned, they are more commonly found as compared to their superior counterparts.
Grade BladesWielders
Sandai KitetsuZoro

The classification isn’t merely about the blade’s sharpness or design. It’s an encapsulation of the sword’s soul, its history, the battles it has seen, and the legends it has created. For a character in One Piece, their sword isn’t just a weapon—it’s an extension of their identity. And for fans, it’s a lens through which the depth and richness of Oda’s universe can be further appreciated.

Unknown Grade Blades (Iretsu Fumei): The Mysteries of One Piece’s Sword Lore

In the vast and intricate world of One Piece, where blades are classified, celebrated, and sometimes even feared, there exist swords that are shrouded in mystery – the Unknown Grade Blades, or “Iretsu Fumei.”

These swords are unique and enigmatic, their origins and qualities yet to be fully understood or revealed. Just like the ocean’s depths conceal treasures unknown to the world, these blades withhold tales and power that remain mostly undisclosed.

Unknown Grade BladesWielders
Warabide SwordBasil Hawkins
PretzelCharlotte Cracker
NapoleanCharlotte Linlin

Ungraded Blades (Iretsu Nashi): A Quiet Force in One Piece’s Sword Lore

In the intricate world of One Piece, not all swords boast illustrious grades or legendary tales. The Ungraded Blades, known as “Iretsu Nashi,” exist outside traditional classifications, either due to their lack of a storied history or simply being unassessed by the world’s sword appraisers.

However, their absence from renowned categories doesn’t diminish their potential. Many Iretsu Nashi could be sleeping giants, holding dormant powers awaiting the right wielder, or serving as steadfast companions in countless battles. These blades remind us that in the vast seas of One Piece, not every treasure gleams — some await discovery.

Ungraded BladesWielders
KikokuTrafalgar Law
Sukesan and KakusanKin’emon

Legendary Swordsmiths in One Piece

The One Piece universe reveres not just the wielders of swords, but also the artisans who bring these magnificent blades to life. These swordsmiths, often operating from the shadows, are the unsung heroes, crafting weapons that tell tales of legacy, adventure, and sometimes, curses. Their work is more than just forging metal—it’s an art, a spiritual endeavor that binds the essence of a sword to its physical form. Let’s explore some of the notable swordsmiths from the series:

  1. Tenguyama Hitetsu: Hailing from Wano Country, Tenguyama is a descendant of the celebrated Kotetsu. He is known for crafting several iconic swords that feature prominently in the series. His profound understanding of the soul of the blade and his skill in manifesting it make him a cornerstone of Wano’s rich sword-making legacy.
  2. Kotetsu: Another master craftsman from Wano, Kotetsu’s name is synonymous with blades that are as sharp as they are cursed. The infamous Kitetsu line of swords, which includes the Sandai Kitetsu currently wielded by Zoro, stands as a testament to Kotetsu’s unique and intriguing craftsmanship. The cursed nature of these swords, said to be hungry for blood, paints a vivid picture of Kotetsu’s mysterious techniques and abilities.
  1. Shimotsuki Kozaburo: A pivotal name in the One Piece sword lore, Kozaburo is the creator of both Enma and Wado Ichimonji. These blades, each with its distinct identity and history, shine a light on the mastery of this swordsmith. Additionally, the connection between Kozaburo and Zoro’s past adds a layer of depth to the narrative, intertwining the stories of the sword, its wielder, and its maker.
  2. Kitetsu: The original swordsmith behind the legendary Kitetsu line of swords, Kitetsu’s legacy is one of enigma and reverence. His skills in forging swords that were both mighty and cursed have cemented his place in swordsmith folklore. Each blade in the Kitetsu series stands as a testament to his unparalleled craftsmanship and vision.

Every swing, scratch, and scar on these blades carries a piece of the soul of their creator, making these swordsmiths vital yet often overlooked characters in the grand One Piece saga.

Frequently Asked Questions about One Piece Swords

1. How are the swords in One Piece categorized? Swords in the One Piece universe are classified into four distinct Meito grades. These are:

  • Supreme Grade Blades (Saijō Ō Wazamono)
  • Great Grade Blades (Ō Wazamono)
  • Skillful Grade Blades (Ryō Wazamono)
  • Grade Blades (Wazamono)

2. Which are the top-tier swords in One Piece? The crème de la crème of One Piece swords are the Supreme Grade Blades (Saijō Ō Wazamono). Though there are 12 such legendary blades in the world, details about only a few of them have been revealed.

3. What classifications do Zoro’s swords belong to? Roronoa Zoro, a master swordsman, wields three swords of varying grades:

  1. Enma – Classified as a Great Grade Blade
  2. Wado Ichimonji – Also a Great Grade Blade
  3. Sandai Kitetsu – This falls under the Grade Blades category

4. How is Gol D. Roger’s sword ranked in the One Piece universe? Gol D. Roger, the former Pirate King, possessed a sword named Ace. This sword is revered as one of the 12 Supreme Grade Blades, marking it as one of the most exceptional blades ever crafted.

5. What about Whitebeard’s sword? Where does it stand? Whitebeard, also known as Edward Newgate, wielded the Murakumogiri. This mighty weapon is also one of the 12 Supreme Grade Blades, showcasing its top-tier quality and power.

6. Are there any cursed swords in One Piece? Yes, among the various swords in One Piece, the Kitetsu line is notably cursed. These swords, created by the swordsmith Kotetsu, are believed to have a thirst for blood, making them both powerful and perilous.

7. How significant are swordsmiths in the One Piece world? Swordsmiths play a vital role in the One Piece lore. Renowned names like Tenguyama Hitetsu, Kotetsu, and Shimotsuki Kozaburo have crafted blades that carry tales of valor, adventure, and even curses. Their craftsmanship is not merely about forging metal but is seen as a spiritual endeavor, binding the sword’s soul to its physical form.

8. Which character in One Piece holds the title of the “World’s Greatest Swordsman”? Dracule Mihawk holds the esteemed title of the “World’s Greatest Swordsman.” He wields the black blade Yoru, one of the Supreme Grade Blades.

9. Are there any other characters besides Zoro who use a unique style of swordsmanship? Yes, Brook, another member of the Straw Hat Pirates, utilizes a unique fencing style combined with the powers of his Devil Fruit, the Yomi Yomi no Mi. His ability to channel the cold of the underworld through his sword, Soul Solid, allows him to freeze his opponents.

10. What significance does the Wano Country hold in relation to swords? The Wano Country is renowned in the One Piece world as the epicenter of master swordsmiths and exceptional quality blades. Many legendary swords, including the Kitetsu series and the sword Enma, originate from Wano.

11. What’s unique about the Black Blades in One Piece? Black Blades, or “Kokuto,” are a unique class of swords that have turned black over intense battles and the infusion of the wielder’s Haki. They’re considered to be especially powerful, with Dracule Mihawk’s Yoru being a prime example.

12. Why are some swords in One Piece considered “cursed”? Certain swords, most notably the Kitetsu line, are believed to carry curses. These swords are said to bring misfortune to their wielders and have an insatiable thirst for blood, causing the wielder to act out of character or face untimely demises.

13. How are the names and grades of swords typically determined? The swordsmiths, upon crafting a blade, name them, often imbuing their creations with a certain spirit or essence. The sword’s grade, however, is determined by its craftsmanship, history, and the feats accomplished with it.

14. Are there any known female swordsmen of note in One Piece? Absolutely! Tashigi, a Marine officer, is a knowledgeable swordswoman with a deep respect for the art and history of swordsmanship. Additionally, characters like Kozuki Hiyori (Komurasaki) from Wano have also shown proficiency with the blade.

15. Has Luffy, the protagonist, ever wielded a sword? Monkey D. Luffy, primarily a hand-to-hand fighter due to his Devil Fruit abilities, has occasionally wielded a sword, albeit comically and without any real skill in swordsmanship.


These FAQs provide a glimpse into the vast and intricate world of swords and swordsmanship in One Piece, reflecting the series’ depth and richness in storytelling.

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