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One Piece Theory: Luffy’s Destruction of Fish-Man Island

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2023)

One Piece, the ultimate amalgamation of every fantastical element imaginable, never ceases to surprise its viewers. The show has boasted a kaleidoscope of characters, from towering giants to pint-sized dwarves, and even graceful mermaids and fierce ninjas. But the series isn’t content with just throwing every creature into its plot. It also holds prophecies that could shake the very foundation of the Final Saga. Brace yourself for a doozy: in the “Fishman Island” arc, a stunning prophecy reveals that Luffy, our beloved protagonist, will be responsible for the utter destruction of Fish-Man Island! Madame Shyarly, a renowned fortune teller, foresaw the future and saw Luffy standing amidst flames with a look of intense determination etched onto his face. While nobody knows when this catastrophic event will occur, the fact that Luffy is the prophesized culprit suggests it won’t be too far off.

Now, let’s dive deeper into Madame Shyarly’s abilities. Her prophecies have never been wrong–not even when she foresaw the demise of the great Whitebeard. But here’s the kicker: after Luffy battled Hordy Jones, Madame Shyarly realized that our hero wasn’t as bad as she had initially thought. In fact, she broke the crystal ball that allowed her to see visions! The people of Fish-Man Island hold her abilities in high regard, so there must be a more profound meaning behind the prophecy of their home’s destruction. With Luffy’s endearing personality and the island’s unique circumstances, there could be a twist that flips the prophecy on its head.

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Diving into the Deepest Desire of Fish-Man Island’s Residents

Deep beneath the shimmering ocean surface lies the wondrous world of Fish-Man Island. But as much as they love their aquatic abode, the Fishmen and Merfolk can’t help but yearn for something more. Something they’ve only ever heard whispers of, something that seems almost mythical: the true sun that shines on the surface world.

For far too long, the Fishmen have been forced to live in the shadows of human prejudice, constantly facing danger and discrimination. Even their precious sunlight is just a pale imitation, filtering down through the roots of the Sunlight Tree Eve, like a distant memory of what they could have had.

But hope springs eternal, and one brave queen, Otohime, dared to dream of a world where Fishmen and humans could coexist in harmony. She fought tirelessly to bridge the gap between the two worlds, coming so close to realizing her vision of a brighter future.

Alas, fate had other plans, and the tragic death of Queen Otohime and the treacherous machinations of Hordy Jones shattered her dreams like so many fragile pearls. Now, the Fishmen must once again struggle to survive in a world that sees them as nothing more than monsters of the deep. Will their dreams of sunlight ever come true, or will they be consigned to a life in the shadows forever?

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The Shocking Theory Behind Luffy’s Devastating Impact on Fish-Man Island

Luffy, the straw hat-wearing protagonist of One Piece, is known for his unwavering loyalty to his friends and unbreakable spirit. But what happens when a prophecy predicts that he will be the one to bring ruin to his own kingdom, Fish-Man Island? It seems unthinkable that Luffy, with his jovial and carefree personality, would ever cause harm to his own territory.

However, as Luffy rises to the level of a Yonko, his enemies grow more powerful and his adventures become even more perilous. With the most powerful and respected Fishman, Jinbe, by his side, Luffy has become a valuable ally to Fish-Man Island. But what if circumstances beyond his control force him to make a devastating choice?

If the prophecy comes true and Luffy is forced to destroy Fish-Man Island, it could ultimately lead to the fulfillment of the Fishmen’s lifelong dream of living freely on the surface world. With prejudice against them slowly fading, Luffy may be the key to creating a safe haven for the Fishmen under the real sun.


Will Luffy be able to navigate this seemingly impossible situation and emerge victorious, or will his actions lead to the destruction of everything he holds dear? Only time will tell in this epic adventure.

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