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One Piece : Will Nami get Soru Soru no Mi

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2021)

One-piece Oda’s masterpiece has now been going on for more than 20 years. The straw hats have grown a lot powerful since then, but a character who still needs a giant power-up is the ship’s navigator Nami. And in this theory, we would be discussing Nami getting big mom’s devil fruit Soru Soru no Mi. This theory was of a YouTuber named Ashura The Demon.

Will Nami get Soru Soru no Mi

After Ussop using his observational Haki in Dressrosa, we all would agree that Nami is the weakest link in the straw hat at this moment, and if the straw hats are going to face Blackbeard, Nami would need a power-up and since learning Haki will need a lot of time and training so Nami learning Haki is less likely to happen. So, another way of getting a power-up is devil fruit.

Now, you would be thinking why soru soru no mi? Knowing Nami if she gets a random devil fruit she would sell it for a lot of money, so the only way she is going to eat a devil fruit is if she eats it by mistake or she decides to inherit that person’s power. Also, if you realize that Big Mom uses her power to control weather and Nami’s power is weather based.

Nami has even controlled Big Mom’s homies which she used to attack Big Mom’s children and she also has Big Mom’s Zeus, which she will be using for sure in Wano and if Big Mom takes it back then whatever power she gains in this arc will be for nothing, so considering that she would have Zeus with her, and for that to happen Big Mom has to allow it or die. And knowing that Big Mom is the most possessive person she wouldn’t allow that, so she may die.

How powerful will she become, first let’s see what all powers will she get, she will be able to create Zeus and Prometheus for herself and control the weather, she will also be able to give a part of her soul to her climate to create Napoleon. Controlling weather will give straw-hats a big advantage in naval battles. If she can scare someone which we know she can, then she will be able to take their soul and create her army of homies.

With this, we can say that she will be easily able to beat vice admirals and may even hold of admirals, not defeat them for sure but will be able to give them a hard time.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Do you think Nami will be able you surpass other strawhats as currently, she is the weakest, Or she is strongest amongst all due to her brain and navigation skills? Comment section is open. Also, Check-Out:-

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