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One Piece | Zoro Father Revealed

The Zoro’s family is one of the biggest mystery of all. What if I told you that his father was from the land known as Juan ho and he was related to a very important character. Zorro’s family is going to be from Wano especially after seeing all the connection that soil does have and after seeing all the new reveals that Zoro have to one or I definitely do believe this was foreshadowing at Toro being related to not only somebody from wano but being royalty from wano.

The Identity of ZORO’S FATHER Revealed! | An ONI Enemy? (One Piece)
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We already know the royalties from wano they are known as the best samurai in the whole world, now we do know that Odin’s past. It’s been revealed to us and I do think those basically to show us the similarities between Odin and Zorro just because we saw how they both were the right hand man to the pirate king.

The air quotes because we know that luffy must become pirate king, white beard obviously had the potential and the power to become Pirate King but he obviously just didn’t want to do it. So that’s why he didn’t do it but we do know that Shanks and he hold it, they did have a lot of similarities and we even see that as Errol has a slight connection with audience children obviously we don’t own it X Yuri that’s going on that’s a pairing that people have been pushing but George did teach moment most gay yet so he saw his old he talked woman those gay the whole snatch thing and that reviewed where’s or would be from yes because I believe they said that was either east or west dialect some basically they’re saying that was slang from a certain part of Wano and the fact that I’m almost said that about Zoro language goes to show you that he picked up some hereditary bangs from Juan ho and we know obviously his connection with right Yuma, thriller part one of the greatest moments in Zorro swordsman career we see he was able to take down somebody elder swordsman from Juan ho and the Zoro was chosen by himself yeah Zoro was chosen by Enma even though it was given to him we didn’t know that your haki is not strong enough you will basically lose the sword yeah you will basically end up losing all your power to the sword but Zoro was one of only a few people who was ever chosen I think It was only Zorro and Kazuki who were chosen by this sword so I definitely do think that since the soil was chosen by a man he has all these connection to our know this is a rebuilding he’s actually royalty from the Wando samurai family not just any family.

Zoro is an extremely powerful Strong Blade ( Gōken) type master swordsman, being able to use one, two, and three swords in varying attack styles, going from melee-type all the way to long-range sword strikes. He is even able to use Flying Slashes (Tobu Zangeki), a high-level sword technique that utilizes the very air pressure of sword swings itself to strike the enemy from a distance. Zoro can also carefully time his sword strikes to counter or deflect extremely powerful attacks such as Kaku’s Rankyaku. As noted by Brook, Zoro is a user of Power of Destruction ( Hakairyoku), a concept to describe a swordsman with immense physical strength.

In addition to his tremendous mastery of Santoryu ( literally: “Three Swords Style”), Zoro has exceptional skills in Ittoryu (literally: “One Sword Style”), being able to hold off the Nayaban Brothers, defeat several of the lower-ranked members of Arlong’s crew, as well as defeating Mr. 1, the strongest agent of the Baroque works using only one sword. Zoro also has an immense mastery of Nitoryu  literally: “Two Swords Style”) which was his original fighting style in his childhood( before he started practicing Santoryu. In Thriller Bark, before he acquired Shusui as a replacement for the destroyed Yubashiri, Zoro could dual wield both Wado Ichimonji and Sandai Kitetsu with incredible power and precision, able to fight equivalently with Ryuma, an extremely powerful samurai zombi imbued with Brook’s swordmanship skills through the Kage Kage No Mi for a majority of their battle before switching to use Ittoryu to finish off the undead samurai.

I do believe that his world is connected to right Yuma especially after seeing his designs and the original one shot I do think that there is a huge huge possibility that Zorro is actually hailing from a strong lineage of Wano’s Samurai legends and that explains why he’s able to use all of these super important swords like enema and why he’s able to use all these super Nets key sword styles and how he’s able to master the way of the samurai.


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