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One Piece’s Striking New Opening Pays Tribute to Wano Arc

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2023)

The One Piece anime is in for an exciting treat as it ushers in a new era with a fresh opening that celebrates the Wano Country arc and the incredible journey its beloved characters have undertaken. The eagerly anticipated opening made its debut with episode 1074 on September 3, and it’s already making waves among fans.

One Piece’s Striking New Opening Pays Tribute to Wano Arc

Set to the captivating tune of “The Peak” by the renowned Japanese pop band Sekai no Owari, this new opening is winning hearts for its stunning visuals and clever framing. It beautifully encapsulates the conclusion of the Wano Arc, which has been a significant and emotional part of the One Piece saga.

While the opening takes a deliberate pace in its initial 35 seconds, it soon picks up the tempo, treating fans to fluid and immaculate animation. It then transports viewers back to the celebratory moments of the Wano Country arc, evoking a sense of nostalgia that is sure to resonate deeply with long-time fans.

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The mastermind behind this visually striking opening is none other than Megumi Ishitani, a name well-known and respected among One Piece enthusiasts for her exceptional work in crafting some of the series’ most visually pleasing episodes.

As fans revel in this new opening, there’s speculation that it might be specifically designed for the conclusion of the Wano arc, with the possibility of additional scenes being added to it. It wouldn’t be unprecedented to have a special opening dedicated to wrapping up such a lengthy and impactful story arc.

With “The Peak” as its backdrop and the dynamic animation that’s become a hallmark of the series, this new One Piece opening promises an exhilarating and emotional journey for fans as they bid farewell to Wano Country and brace themselves for what’s to come in the world of One Piece.


Source: IGN India

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