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One Punch Man Artist Returns to YouTube After 3-Year Hiatus

The artwork in the One Punch Man manga has always been a subject of awe and admiration among fans. The sheer quality and attention to detail in the illustrations have led some to speculate that they must be digitally created. The mastermind behind these captivating visuals is none other than Yusuke Murata, the talented artist who has garnered a massive following.

In response to the fans’ requests, Murata had previously delighted them by live streaming his drawing sessions for the One Punch Man manga on YouTube. However, three years ago, he decided to halt these streams, presumably due to the demands of his workload. Moreover, he has recently hinted at the possibility of taking a long break from drawing, leaving fans yearning for more of his artistry.

To the surprise and delight of One Punch Man enthusiasts, on May 26, a notification popped up, revealing that Murata was once again live on YouTube, engrossed in drawing panels for the beloved series. For those who missed the stream, there is no need to fret, as the recording is available on his YouTube channel. Additionally, fans can enable notifications to stay updated on any future live streams that Murata may host.

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In other One Punch Man news, the webcomic has recently made a comeback after being on hiatus for a few years, and the manga series continues to flourish. Despite the announcement of the third season of the One Punch Man anime nearly ten months ago, the studio responsible for its animation remains unconfirmed, leaving fans eager for more information.

The first season of the anime was expertly produced by Madhouse Studio, while the second season was brought to life by J.C. Staff. Currently, the series can be enjoyed on Crunchyroll, with a synopsis that sets the stage for the adventures of Saitama, the immensely powerful hero who can vanquish foes with a single punch. Alongside his loyal cyborg disciple, Genos, Saitama embarks on his official duties as a professional hero, working in conjunction with the esteemed Hero Association.

However, the world faces an increasing onslaught of menacing monsters, hinting at the fulfillment of the Great Seer Madame Shibabawa’s ominous prophecy about the Earth’s impending doom. Adding to the chaos, a new adversary known as the “hero hunter” Garou emerges, further complicating matters for our heroes.

As fans eagerly await the next developments in the One Punch Man universe, the return of Murata’s live streams and the ongoing success of the manga series provide ample reasons for excitement and anticipation.


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