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One-Punch Man’s Tornado: Meeting Your Heroes Is Disappointing

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2023)

As One-Punch Man develops into a sweeping saga of heroic exploits, it retains its satirical edge, poking fun at the superhero genre. Its characters, both heroes and villains, are unparalleled in their abilities, particularly those at the top of the heap. However, being a great hero does not necessarily guarantee great social skills, as Terrible Tornado proves in Chapter 177.

Terrible Tornado, the second-strongest hero in the Hero Association, is unlikely to relinquish that title anytime soon, unless, of course, Saitama finally receives the recognition he deserves for his remarkable deeds. Nevertheless, Tornado possesses enough power to vanquish nearly any menace in the world, including artificial psychics that can interfere with her telekinetic abilities. She also played a crucial role in the battle against the Monster Association. Regrettably, her elite combat prowess does not translate to other areas of her life.

In short, meeting Tornado is a cautionary tale for those who put their heroes on a pedestal, for the experience may shatter their illusions. Nonetheless, her impressive feats are awe-inspiring, and her flaws only serve to make her more human, and therefore, more relatable.

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The Frightening Encounter with One-Punch Man’s Terrible Tornado

In the annals of the Hero Association, a tale of epic proportions is being woven as we speak. A family of esteemed status, having secured a 35-year loan to afford the lavish lodging offered by the Association’s new HQ, was en route to their supposed dream residence. Alas, fate had different plans for them.

As they made their way, the tumultuous sounds of battle could be heard in the distance. The young boy, a fervent fan of the mighty Tornado, was eager to witness her valor firsthand. But as they drew closer, it became clear that the conflict was only growing more intense, with the ferocity of the combatants reaching dizzying heights.

Suddenly, a boulder hurled by Tornado came perilously close to the family’s vehicle. But fear not, dear reader, for the indomitable Saitama was on hand to avert disaster with a deft flick of his wrist. However, fate was not yet finished toying with our hapless family.

With a thunderous crash, Tornado sent another boulder hurtling toward them, and it seemed that all was lost. But lo, the young psychic’s heroic instincts kicked in, and with a mighty lift of her powers, she raised the family’s car high into the air, much to the boy’s delight.

Yet amidst the chaos and heroics, tensions were running high, and harsh words were exchanged between the two combatants. And alas, dear reader, it was with less than gentle hands that Tornado returned the family’s car to the ground, urging them to make a hasty retreat from the scene. Such is the nature of heroism in our troubled times.

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Devastating Tornado Shatters Family’s Dream Home, Crushing Their Hopes and Plans

The Hero Association gives free housing to A-Class and above heroes for safety reasons. However, in Chapter 177, a family watched Saitama and S-Class Hero Terrible Tornado fight, and Tornado’s treatment of them was not great. Even though she saved them, she was a bit rough. The boy in the family was a fan of Tornado, but he might not want to meet her again after how she treated them.

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