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Opūnokyōdai’s “Mon-chan to Watashi” Manga Returns in Big Comic Magazine

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2023)

In the forthcoming edition of Shogakukan’s Big Comic publication, slated for release on June 23, Opūnokyōdai will recommence the serialization of their popular manga, Mon-chan and I, as revealed in the magazine’s 12th issue.

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The manga initially debuted online in February 2022 on Fusosha’s “Joshi SPA!” website. It was digitally released up to its 43rd chapter on March 7, but soon became unavailable on the site. On March 9, the manga’s official Twitter account revealed plans for a “reopening” of the series. Excitingly, in a June 1 announcement, the Twitter account hinted at a fresh serialization format for the manga, promising a rewritten and restructured storyline.

he manga revolves around a young woman cohabiting with her unemployed partner, who intermittently subjects her to physical abuse. Struggling as a temporary worker, she finds herself burdened by credit card debt. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when a feline companion named Mon-chan enters the scene.

Shogakukan released the third volume of Opūnokyōdai’s Ore, Tsushima cat manga in October 2020. A fanbook dedicated to the anime was published in June 2021. With a circulation exceeding 420,000 copies, the series has garnered significant popularity.

The anime adaptation of the manga made its debut in Japan in July 2021.


Source | Big Comic issue 12 and website

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