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ORIENT Anime Gets 2nd Cour in July, Additional Cast Revealed

On Thursday, the official website of Shinobu Otaka magazine made an announcement regarding the running anime series. Shinobu Otaka TV animation by the original ” ORIENT ” “Awajishima Fierce Fighting Edition ” will be broadcast from July. 

“Orient”, which has been broadcast on TV Tokyo and others since January, is a dream of Musashi and Kojiro forming the “strongest samurai corps” in the Warring States period when the mysterious creature “Origami” who suddenly came flying dominates humans.

A story that depicts the appearance of taking on the challenge of exterminating demons. In the 12th episode of “Aki Journey”, which is the first course, the Uesugi Bushidan and the samurai under the Uesugi Union have newly appeared, and the character visuals and character voices have been lifted. 

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The role of Tatsuomi Uesugi, the leader of the Uesugi Bushidan that unites the Uesugi Union Tomoaki Maeno plays the role of Kanryu Naoe, a senior vassal who is in charge of accounting for the Uesugi Bushido. Natsuki Hanae plays the role of Masanori Amakusa, a subordinate of Kaneryu Yoshiki Nakajima. 

Also, as the son of the head of the Shimazu Bushidan, Akihiro Shimazu, under the umbrella of the Uesugi Union. Koki Uchiyama plays the role of Katsumi Amago, the son of the head of the Amago Bushidan, who was based in Awaji Island. Gakuto Kajiwara has been decided.

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To commemorate the broadcast decision of the second course, a festive illustration from Otaka arrived. Michiru Saruwatari, the princess of the “Saruwatari Bushidan”, and Musashi, a mini character, were drawn. 

In addition, Maeno will participate in the “AnimeJapan 2022” special stage. In addition, as an additional cost for the event “‘Orient’ Thanksgiving 2022 Summer” to be held on June 19, the role of Michiru Saruwatari Kiyono Yasuno, Uchiyama, and Kajiwara will also appear. The priority application ticket for the event will be included in the first volume of Blu-ray released tomorrow, March 25th.


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