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Original TV Anime “Eternal Boy” Will Broadcast This Fall!

(Last Updated On: March 17, 2022)

Original TV anime ” Boys ” will be broadcast on Fuji TV and others this fall. The teaser PV, teaser visual, and main cast staff have been released.

“Eternal Boys” is an Alafor Idol / Eternal Boys who has overcome the barriers of age and physical strength and aims to become an idol through the new idol project “Old Man Idol Project” launched by Manpuku Entertainment Production. 

A story about (Eternal Boys). The original is in charge of “Manpuku Performing Arts Production” by three companies, Liden Films, Fuji TV, and Polygon Pictures, directed by migmi, the series composition is Kimiko Ueno, and the character draft.

Ma2 will be in charge, character design will be done by Seiko Asai, and animation production will be done by Liden Films.

Also, as a member of the permanent boy, he played the role of Kentaro Sanada, a former office worker of the main character. 

Daisuke Hirakawaas former teacher Naoki Ishida Katsuyuki Konishi plays the role of Yu Asai, a former soccer player who has been notified that he is out of the force. 

Jun Fukuyama has decided. In the role of Tsuyoshi Imagawa who was active as an enka singer who could not sell further Daisuke Namikawaplays the role of Daisuke Yamanaka, who turned from a manager of an entertainment agency to an idol. 

Toshiyuki Morikawa , former No. 1 host Makoto Kakizaki Nozomu Sasaki Played by

The teaser visual depicts the six members who had a microphone before becoming an idol, along with a catch phrase “Uncle Idol Project Launched !?”. 

Also, on the Teaser PV, six people, including Sanada, who is impatient with “Why did this happen in my life !?”, talk about their thoughts and thoughts on idols.

King Records is in charge of the theme song. In addition, it has already been decided to make a spin-off novel game, and coly will handle the development. 

Furthermore, the comicalize serialization in Monthly Comic Gene (KADOKAWA) will start in the May issue released on April 15, and it has also been decided to collaborate with Sogo Gakuen Human Academy Performing Arts College.


Source: Anime News Network

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