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Osamu Tezuka’s Dororo Manga Gets Webtoon Remake

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2022)
Dororo Gets Webtoon Remake
Osamu Tezuka’s Dororo Manga Gets Webtoon Remake

Osamu Tezuka “Dororo” will be remade as a vertically scrolling manga and will be distributed simultaneously in Japan and Korea from December. If you don’t know then Osamu Tezuka is the creator of great mangas like Astro Boy and Buddha. Moreover, he also has the greatest title in the manga industry which is “GOD of Manga.”

“Dororo” depicts a journey to exterminate monsters by Hyakkimaru, whose 48 parts of his body have been robbed by monsters. In the remake version, the stage was moved to the present age while making use of the concept and theme of the original. In modern times, new magic called science dominates the world, and youkai continues to leap while surviving as a powerful person in collusion with bad guys. 

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Meanwhile, the main character, Hacky, has been chasing youkai while regaining a part of his body for hundreds of years from the story of the original story and survived to the present day with immortality. Eventually, Hacky meets “Roro,” who has a similar impression to Dororo, who once had a hard time. Hacky and Tororo embark on a new journey together.

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