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Oshi no Ko, Love Agency Manga on Hiatus Due to Creator’s Health

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2023)

Fans of the captivating manga series “Oshi no Ko” and “Love Agency” are in for a temporary pause as creator Aka Akasaka has announced an upcoming break for both works. Speculation about Akasaka’s health concerns has circulated, and the writer has now confirmed them in a letter shared by a fan on social media.

Akasaka revealed that due to his illness, he took a month-long hiatus to prioritize his well-being, apologizing for the break while assuring fans of his recovery and readiness to resume creative work.

Acknowledging the cooperation of collaborators in granting him time to heal, Akasaka expressed his gratitude and anticipation for fans’ enthusiasm upon the series’ return. Both “Oshi no Ko” and “Love Agency” will undergo a temporary hiatus, with Akasaka looking forward to delivering fresh chapters imbued with his best efforts after this pause. He also thanked fellow creators Mengo Yokoyari and Nishizawa 5mm for their understanding in allowing the hiatus.

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“Oshi no Ko,” a narrative that explores the intertwined lives of a gynecologist and a terminally ill patient reincarnated as pop idol twins, has garnered remarkable popularity, aided by its recent anime adaptation. A leaked source suggests that Chapter 126 of “Oshi no Ko” is slated for release on September 14th, marking its return after the hiatus.

Notably, Mengo Yokoyari, Akasaka’s colleague and artist, will unveil an interlude to the main story in August through a short four-chapter manga series, satisfying fans’ anticipation for more content. As the creator strives to regain his creative momentum, fans eagerly await the return of their beloved series after this much-needed respite.


Source: X (Formerly Twitter)

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