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Otaku 101: An Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Manga in 2022

There are lots of Otaku’s out there who watch a lot of anime which include Series like Death Note and Movies from Studio Ghibli. But when you watch plenty of Anime’s then you will discover Manga (and after that Light Novels). Those who are new to Otaku Culture or you can say Japanese then these words might be Alien to them. However, if you do not know or do not read any manga then you might be missing a good source of entertainment, just like Anime. 

Well, below you will read about Manga and after this guide, you will learn everything related to Manga and other Japanese good reads. So, without further ado let’s get into the main course…

What is Manga?

First thing first, what does Manga mean? I am sure you might have heard this word a lot in anime shows referring to some books. Well, in short, these are Japanese Comic Books but not comic books. 

Like the writer of a book is known as Author, in the same way, creators of Manga known as Mangaka. The fact is many mangas are not even made by Japanese but foreign creators. But the comic book follows the Japanese anthologies and is also published in Japan then it is known as Manga. 

Furthermore, there are many other comics similar to Manga which are known as Manhwa (the Korean comics) and Manhua (Chinese Comics). The art is quite similar and looks almost similar to each other. However, the difference is environment and storytelling. The manga shows the Japanese culture in their comics and the same goes for other Manhwa and Manhua. 

Why Should You Read Manga?

Now, you know about the Manga – Comic Books in Japan. But the question is why you should read this and what is so special about them? Well, in this section I am going to answer this question…

Do you know that the original story of Anime is Manga? In other words, most of the anime stories are adapted from Manga (and Light Novels). Almost all anime is Manga and Light Novels. 

The original is original and if you want to have the real taste of your favourite anime series then you should read that manga. For example Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, and much more anime series. 

Another good reason to read manga is to continue or something like “What after anime?” What I am trying to say is not all anime series are complete but most of them are complete in the manga. For example, Kaguya-sama has only 2 seasons but it’s not the end of the series. Hopefully, we are going to get season 3 in 2022. 

Furthermore, many anime series lacks character development and world-building but the manga does a fine job. Another example is Horimiya, in anime, they cut a lot of seasons and almost finish the whole manga in 13 episodes. 

So, now you might know the importance of Manga, they are original, complete, and much more in-depth. 

Types of Manga: 

Much like anime series, manga is also divided into different types. Moreover, everyone has their own choice, likes and dislikes. Types and Categories matter and that’s why in this section you will read about the Type of Manga below: 

Well, there are several types of manga here and each category contains some specific type of Manga. Some categories are loved by some but also hated by many others. There are six major types of manga here which include: 

  1. Shonen
  2. Shoujo
  3. Seinen 
  4. Josei
  5. Yaoi
  6. Yuri


The first and most popular category is Shonen in both Manga and Anime. Well, if this word sounds new then it’s about the Dragon Ball series, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Bleach, and similar titles. 

In Japanese “Shonen” means “Young” and in the manga, it means Young Audience. The Shonen category is made for a young audience for ages between 13 to 17 years. In every Shonen Manga, you will find a male protagonist with an Aim or Goal in their life. 

For example, Luffy wants to become King of the Pirate, Goku wants to become stronger, and Ash wants to become Pokemon Master. In other words, it targets a young male audience!


The next category is Shojo and you can call this a famine version of Sonen with few differences. The first difference is unlike Shonen Adventure where you find Romance stories. 

Shojo refers to a young female audience with an age range of 13 to 17 years. The protagonists of these types of shoes are females and the stories are quite emotional. 

Well, the thing is these categories tell the target audience, and not the gene. 

Even in Shojo manga or even anime, you can find adventure and action anime with female leads. Some examples of Best Shoujo Manga are Fruit Basket, Nana, Maid Sama, and A Devil and Her Song. 


Seinen is a greater version of the Shonen category with a similar theme. This category targets an Adult Male audience with a more intense storyline. You can also say it is made for the age range around 20 or in the 20s. The thing which makes this category unique is its mature content with a unique protagonist storyline. 

Furthermore, you can also say it’s the big brother of the Shonen category but its cynicism and pragmatism permeate. Seinen category also contains some adult topics which include violence and some sexually explicit content. Well, not all shows contain these things but every Seinen show is going to make a huge impact on your brain. 

Some examples of Seinen shows are Death Note, Shin-chan, Space Brothers, and much other similar manga. 


Like Seinen is a mature or advanced part of Shonen manga, the same goes for the Josei category. Josei targets adult women with a range of around 20 or in their 20s. The main story of Josei manga revolves around the life of women which include their love and problems related to real life. This category includes many shows from the Slice of Life genre. 

For example, Nana is an extremely popular Josei manga with a Female protagonist. Nana tells the story of a girl and about her life, romance, and other friends. They tackle regular life situations like career, living alone in a city, struggles, and relationships. 

If you watched too many shoujo anime then it’s a good time to get into the Josei category even if you are a teenager. You will feel the depth, joy, and pain of living as an adult. Some good Josei is Princess Jellyfish, Nana, and Karneval manga. 


The last two categories are not for everyone but you should read or watch at least one manga or anime from these categories. You know there is a line “If you do not try then how should it’s for you or not?”. 

Furthermore, Yaoi also known as Boys Love or BL comes under the LGBTQ category with its unique storyline. Generally, these types of stories focus on the Romance of two same genders or something like “Gay”. 

Want to read romance manga but with a twist of two men or boys? This category might be good for you because it features relationships between men. Well, the fact is these types of manga are purchased by women or girls. Moreover, these categories contain some great interesting stories like The World’s Greatest First Love, Ten Count, and No Touching At All. 


The last manga category on the list is Yuri or you can say Girls Love. Like Yaoi, it also comes under the LGBTQ tag with its uniqueness. Here you get love stories between girls and also women. 

Manga line Bloom into You and Citrus contains love stories of High School girls or friends. Well, even this is a little odd genre but their storyline makes you stick till the end. I am personally fond of the Bloom into You manga series. 

If you want to read or get into these categories then You should start from Bloom into You, Citrus, Whispered Words, etc. 

This is all about the Manga and their categories. Now, you know the category is not based on interest but age. However, you do not have to choose these categories according to your age or other parameters. I recommend you to read at least one good manga in each category then decide whether you want to read more like that or not. 


If you have any queries related to Manga then let me know in the comment section. Furthermore, do not forget to check our latest guide Otaku 101 series…

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