Over a Quarter Million Attend Comic Market 102 During 2-Day Run

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2023)

The Tokyo Comic Market (Comiket) 102 event witnessed a surge in attendance, drawing about 260,000 enthusiasts over the weekend, a notable 40% increase compared to Comiket 101 held last December. Both Saturday and Sunday hosted around 130,000 attendees each day.

Unlike the previous years marred by COVID-19 restrictions, this edition of Comiket allowed more attendees within the confines of the Tokyo Big Sight venue’s capacity limits.

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Comiket 102 boasted the presence of 10,500 fan circles on each day, totaling an impressive 21,000 circles, complemented by 135 commercial exhibitors. Cosplayers, an integral part of the event’s charm, contributed significantly to the vibrant atmosphere. On Saturday, 1,287 male and 2,003 female cosplayers registered, with the weekend tally culminating at 2,627 male and 4,393 female cosplayers.

Despite facing challenges like scorching temperatures of 36°C (around 97°F) on Saturday and the inclement rain from Typhoon No. 7 (Typhoon Lan) on Sunday, the event attracted visitors from approximately 61 countries, according to data from the Comic Market Preparatory Committee organizers’ international division and ticket sales.

Comic Market

The journey to Comiket 102’s impressive turnout was a resilient one, overcoming the constraints of the past two years’ COVID-19 limitations. The narrative unfolds from Comiket 99 in December 2021, with an attendance of about 110,000 over two days.

Progressing to Comiket 100 in August 2022, the event grew to welcome around 170,000 attendees across both days, managing an approximate daily cap of 85,000 attendees. Comiket 101, the December 2022 edition, sustained the upward trajectory with an attendance of about 180,000 over two days, averaging 90,000 attendees per day.

Recalling the pre-pandemic glory, Comiket 97 was a triumphant affair, attracting a staggering 750,000 attendees across four days. Notably, the event does not employ individual passes, counting individuals attending multiple days multiple times. Daily attendance fluctuated between 180,000 and 190,000 visitors.

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In the annals of its history, Comiket’s zenith was marked by a record-breaking one-day attendance of 210,000, a testament to its enduring allure and cultural significance.


Source: Press releases

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