Paradox Live The Animation’s First Anime Footage Unveiled in Teaser Trailer”

During the “Paradox Live Dope Show 2023” concert, an exciting teaser promotional video for the highly anticipated Paradox Live The Animation anime was unveiled on Sunday. This captivating teaser offers an exclusive glimpse into the project’s initial animated scenes, meticulously crafted by the esteemed PINE JAM studio.

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The anime will feature a returning cast, including:

Paradox Live The Animation
  • Allen Sugasano as Gakuto Kajiwara
  • Yeon Hajun as Ayumu Murase
  • Anne Faulkner as 96​Neko
  • Naoakira Saimon as Ryōta Takeuchi
  • Yohei Kanbayashi as Yuu Hayashi
  • Ryū Natsume as Natsuki Hanae
  • Shiki Andō as Junta Terashima
  • Kanata Yatonokami as Yūsuke Kobayashi
  • Nayuta Yatonokami as Toshiyuki Toyonaga
  • Iori Suiseki as Takayuki Kondō
  • Zen Gahō as Shima
  • Hokusai Masaki as Shunichi Toki
  • Satsuki Itō as Tasuku Hatanaka
  • Reo Maruyama as Shōgo Yano

Naoya Ando, known for directing episodes of popular series like Aikatsu!, Love Live! Sunshine!!, and PriPara, has taken the helm as the director of Paradox Live The Animation at PINE JAM. Overseeing and writing the series scripts is the talented Takayo Ikami, whose notable works include Beautiful Bones – Sakurako’s Investigation, Dances with the Dragons, and Penguindrum. Adding to the creative team is character designer Koji Haneda, recognized for his exceptional work on The Faraway Paladin and the Initial D: Legend films. The highly anticipated anime is set to premiere in October.

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Source | Paradox Live Franchise’s Website / Comic Natalie

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