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Perception Of Anime In Japan VS Rest Of World

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2020)

Hey, guys welcome to So Anime is the topic around which this whole website is based and manga is the original starting for many anime. These mangas are simply Japanese Comics ( or Graphic Novels ). The rest of the world loves Anime as well as Manga but what do the people of Japan have a perception about anime and manga? We will discuss this today and the difference b/w their thinking and the rest of the world. Let us begin!!

What Do Japanese People think Of Anime/Manga?

Perception Of Anime In Japan VS Rest Of World

So I have been doing some research for over a month now and the simple one-line answer I got was that Anime/Manga is simply Japanese content that people like over there and also the rest of the world. But anime/manga lovers that are from other countries think anime is larger than life or something like that. The people in Japan that are obsessed with anime/manga are socially awkward and are called “otakus”, it’s more that you live in the US and love Marvel/DC comics and are so obsessed with them resulting in people calling you geeks or “nerds”. And one more thing is that when an American says that he loves anime it is same as a Japanese guy saying I love MCU movies or American Sitcoms. So anime/manga is a bunch of simple stories that make the readers and watchers happy. So the question arises, why they are more popular and recognized over the world than the animation of other countries.

Why Anime Is So Popular?

The first reason is the variety of stories, there are different stories for different demographics or more like stories for every demographic around the world. There is no match for the amount of anime content that is produced and consumed around the world. Japan is the country that produces the highest number of animated films in a year and only followed by the USA. So it is simple so understand that more the content you produce more is the chance of people liking it.

As I talked earlier, anime has a huge variety. We have anime for children, teens, and adults. So people from any age group can start watching starting from Pokémon to Attack On Titan. This very reason also makes the second point of why anime is so popular. Let me ask you a question – What is the highest-grossing entertainment franchise in the world? The answer is Pokémon which is more than 100 Billion USD. It is way more than MCU or even Starwars. Know more in this article.

Big Corporations makes billions from anime merchandise and game sales. So it is in their favor to promote anime in west.

The Third reason is the creativity of the creator that makes the story different and unique. Like the concept of Big Human-like creatures earing humans (Attack On Titan) is creative enough, but we have space robots and even gods eating pudding on earth. So these reasons make anime so popular outside of Japan.

Increasing Popularity In Rest Of The World

Increasing Popularity In Rest Of The World
Anime Demand Infographic | Source – Parrot Analytics

According to Parrot Analytics’ hardcore anime, fans outside of Japan have been importing their favorite series for decades, first on physical media and then digitally, with groups of fans meticulously translating each episode. Unofficially, of course.

Anime fans strongly embraced the Internet as a much easier and faster method of consuming the shows. The appetite for anime online is so strong that there are several dedicated streaming sites that only have anime titles. In fact, Crunchyroll, the best known of these sites, began its subscription service in 2006, a year before Netflix began its streaming service.

Since anime fans are global, it makes sense for production to focus on the global market as well. An example of this is the western animated series that is inspired by anime, such as Nickelodeon’s hit western animation Avatar: The Last Airbender, which takes many stylistic cues from Japanese animation.

Even beyond that, in recent years, the production of anime series outside of Japan has accelerated, with the most prominent recent example being the US Netflix anime series Castlevania, which was at one point the title. Most popular SVOD in there. (Read Full Article on Parrot Analytics)

Anime States In India
Google Trends Of Anime Search in India

The Graph above shows the increased search for anime in India. So its one fact that popularity of anime is also increasing in India as well. To know more about this topic read this one.


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