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Top 15+ Popular Succubus Characters from the Anime World

Succubi are a popular anime and manga creature, frequently depicted as seductive and alluring beings capable of draining the life force of humans.

These characters are frequently linked to themes of temptation and desire, and they can be both alluring and dangerous. In this list, we’ll look at some of the most memorable succubus characters from anime’s past and present, from classic series to more recent releases.

Whether they’re heroes, villains, or something in between, these characters’ distinct personalities and supernatural abilities have left a lasting impression on fans.

So let’s dive in and discover the world of anime succubi!

1. Albedo (Overlord)

Albedo is actually a succubus in the Overlord series and she was created by the Supreme Beings of the Great Tomb of Nazarick to work as the Overseer of the Guardians and the Floor Guardian of the 7th Floor.

As a succubus, She had the powers to seduce and manipulate men, which makes her a formidable enemy in the war. However, she wad loyal to Ainz Ooal Gown and the Great Tomb of Nazarick, which was unwavering, and she uses her power to only serve their goals.

She was loyal towards her creator name Ainz Ooal Gown and she is ready to do whatever it takes to fulfill his desires. She was also known for her skills in combat, has she possesses a incredible physical strength and magical abilities.

She is known to be one most powerful beings in the world of Overlord, who is capable of taking on multiple enemies at once.Even though she was intelligence and powerful, she has some weakness in her character like an obsession with Ainz.

Overall this character, Albedo is a complex and interesting character, which is a mix of loyalty, power, and obsession that make her one of the strongest character in the series of Overlord.

2. Sakie Satou (Demi- Chan Wa Kataritai)

Sakie Satou is a character from the anime and the manga series Demi-chan wa Kataritai also called Interviews with Monster Girls. She is a succubus in the show and a Maths teacher.

She often seen wearing a hooded jacket and a scarf to cover her body because she feels uncomfortable with the attention her towards her curves, which attracts alot of attention.

Despite of being too much shy, She has a very friendly personality and is ready to help her students with their studies and other activities. She is particularly close to her colleague named Tetsuo Takahashi, who is attracted by the demi-humans and helps her to be the part of the human society.

As the anime progresses, Sakie starts to open up more and becomes more confident with her succubus abilities.

She even starts wearing more of the revealing clothes, which had surprised hid colleagues and students. Overall, if we see the character, she is lil complex and interesting, who comes across with issues related to her own identity, acceptance, and societal norms in her day to day life as a succubus.

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3. Liliem (Battle Goddess Memoria)

Liliem is a one of character from the mobile game and anime series name Battle Goddess Memoria, and she is a succubus.

Liliem is one of the main characters in the anime, and a powerful succubus who works as the leader of the demon army.

Nature wise she is cunning, manipulative, and Smart, alongwith a deep understanding of strategy and tactics, which is needed to be a leader. She is also skilled in combat and possesses incredible amount of physical strength and magical power.

Even though she is a demon, She had a kind and caring side to her, especially for her mates. She cares for them deeply. She is a complex and interesting character, who is mixes of everything like loyalty, power, and kindness that make her a formidable enemies and a valuable assets in the series of Battle Goddess Memoria.

4. Mercelida (Rotte No Omocha!)

In the anime, Mercelida is one of character, who is maid and she works for the main character name Lotte and later she was being revealed to be a succubus in the show.

She is a responsible and hard working servant who really cares for the Lotte’s well-being. She had also revealed her a feeling towards Lotte’s to his one of the friend, who is a young man named Naoya.

Even though she is a succubus, she was not portrayed in a stereotypical manner in the series.

She is shown to be a very kind and hard working character in the series.

5. Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

Rias Gremory, the leading lady of Highschool DxD, has voted as the best girl. She holds a special place in her heart for Issei Hyodo, the hero, and is known for her kindness and compassion towards her close ones and servants.

Rias values her relationship with Issei and trusts him immensely. She has a gentle nature and always strives to be considerate towards those she cares about.

Rias has long, crimson hair and red eyes, and is known for her curvaceous figure. She is depicted as a beautiful and confident young woman who exudes elegance and grace. Rias is also shown to be a kind and caring individual who deeply cares about her friends and allies.

In the series, Rias becomes the master of the main protagonist, Issei Hyodo, after reviving him as a devil following his death. As his master, Rias provides Issei with support and guidance, and the two develop a close relationship throughout the series.

6. Kurumu Kurono (Rosario+Vampire)

Kurumu is known to be a succubus, which means she has the powers to seduce and manipulate the emotions of others (Especially men’s).

She was at the beginning was introduced as a character who is in deeply love with the male protagonist name Tsukune, and was focussed to win his heart.

As the series moves on, she becomes his close friend and ally of Tsukune and of other side characters in the show.

Kurumu has succubus was shown to be confident and outgoing character who is not being afraid to speak her mind.

She is also caring and protective towards her love ones. Even though she has her seductive nature, she is fiercely loyal and protective of those she cares about.

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7. Maria Naruse (Testament of Sister New Devil)

Maria Naruse is known to be a fictional character from the light novel, anime, and manga series name “The Testament of Sister New Devil”.

Maria is one of the main characters of the series, and she is a succubus who has sworn to work for Basara Tojo, who is the main protagonist in the anime.Maria is a beautiful girl with long, curly purple hair and red eyes. She has a curvy figure and she has oftently seen wearing more of revealing clothes in the series (Obviously to seduce mens).

She is also well known for her mischievous and flirtatious personality and she loves to tease Basara and the other male characters in the show. She had oftently used her succubus abilities to seduce them in the anime.

Maria is also smart and intelligent has she is the one who comes up with strategies and plans to help the group to defeat enemies.In the anime, It had shown that she had a a tragic past, and she seems to be searching for a way to restore her lost memories.

As the story moves on, Maria’s backstory is being unveiled , and her relationships with Basara and the other characters become more complex.

8. Shamsiel Shahar (Kyonyuu Fantasy)

Shahar Shamsiel, also known as シャムシェルシャハル, is a multifaceted character from the Kyonyuu Fantasy series. She is a succubus, a Queen Consort, a spy, and a wife.

Her role as a succubus allows her to seduce and manipulate others, while her position as Queen Consort gives her political power and influence. As a spy, she is skilled in gathering information and using it to her advantage.

Finally, as a wife, she is devoted and loving to her partner. Shahar Shamsiel’s complexity and diverse skill set make her a compelling and intriguing character.

She has the power to transform into a demon and also possesses some powerful dark magic.

9. Firika Mia Shatana (Demon King Daimao)

Firika Mia Shatana is one of character from the anime and manga series name “Demon King Daimao”. She is a succubus and also the member of the underground organization called as the “Great Spirit Restoration Alliance” in the anime.

She has the power to use her succubus powers to seduce and manipulate others, and she is oftently seen flirting with male characters in the series.

As the story progresses, Firika’s relationship with the main protagonist name Akuto Sai, is can be seen developing and finally she gets feelings for him and most of time she tries to seduce him, but she also respects his decisions and is willing to support him in his missions.

10. Twiska (Brandish)

Twiska is the protagonist and villain of the hentai anime and manga Brandish.

She is a succubus who loves a young boy named Theo. Twiska is a stubborn demon that attacks people at night and ruins their lives. In the evening, she catches up with Theo, a self-interested teenager.

Despite being a prostitute, she has some morals. she does not approve of the idea of a man stealing a girl and that she will be a good wife. Minutes ago, she killed all the men she was involved in in the last gang bang.

Twiska has the ability to control and manipulate lust, which she frequently employs to convert her victims into loyal servants. She initially attempts to seduce him and make him her servant, but she eventually develops feelings for him.

11. Astarotte Yvgar (Astarotte no Omocha!)

Astarotte Ygvar, also known as Lotte, is a succubus and the protagonist of the anime and manga series “Astarotte no Omocha!” (Astarotte’s Toy).

Lotte is a young succubus princess who lives in a world where succubi must form harems with male humans to survive.

Lotte, on the other hand, despises men and is determined to avoid forming a harem.Lotte wears a frilly pink dress and has long pink hair and purple eyes. She is portrayed as cold and aloof to others at first, but as the series progresses, she begins to open up and form stronger bonds with those around her.

Lotte, despite being a succubus, isn’t particularly skilled at seduction or combat. She prefers to read books and learn about human culture.

Lotte struggles throughout the series with her feelings towards men and her duty as a succubus, and she eventually learns to accept and embrace her true nature.In “Astarotte no Omocha!” Lotte is a distinct and entertaining character.

Her identity and relationship struggles add depth and complication to the story.

12. Mayospell (Interspecies Reviewers)

Mayospell is one of supporting character in the series and also ofcourse she is succubus, who works at one of the brothels, where our main characters visits during his journey. She is a friendly and flirtatious character, who loves to tease the male characters in the series.

She has close relationship with one of the main characters name Zel in the series, who used to visit brothel where she works very oftently.

13. Alma Elma (Monster Girl Quest)

Alma Elma is a succubus from the “Monster Girl Quest!” anime and visual novel game series. She is a high-ranking succubus known as the “Sixth Heavenly Knight” and is regarded as one of the series’ strongest succubi.

Alma Elma has purple eyes and long, curly purple hair. She has a curvaceous figure and dresses in revealing clothes that highlight her voluptuous body.

She has the ability to manipulate the desires and emotions of others as a succubus and can use her powers to control or seduce them.Alma Elma is a strong opponent and boss character in the series.

She is known for her strength, agility, and seductive abilities. Alma Elma, despite being a succubus, is depicted as having

14. Raim (Mairimashita Iruma-Kun)

Raim is another anime succubus character who teaches Intro to Seduction at a high school. In the manga, she works alongside Valac Clara. This character is an excellent example of a female succubus and deserves more attention.

Nonetheless, her understudy’s lack of provocativeness can effectively stun her. This was demonstrated when her student Clara had only 2% hotness; Raim was so taken aback that she focused the majority of her experience on Clara to help her advance to the next level.

15. Lolisa (KonoSuba)

Lolisa is a succubus with dark pink eyes and light pink hair that falls to her chin. Lolisa has the body of a young girl, with little growth, reflecting her age, which she is insecure about.

She has several demonic features, including small pink bat wings sprouting from the top of her head and an arrow-tip shaped tail, which she appears to be able to conceal at will.Lolisa, like other low-class demons, is smitten by higher-class demons; she is obsessed with Vanir and will go to any length to spend more time with him or gain his favour.

16. Nena (Hentai Nuki Doki)

Hentai Nuki Doki!, the anime adaptation of the romance myth, is based on an erotic sport invented by Grand Cru Bourgeois.The worlds of manga and anime collide in this exciting manga adaptation.

Angel Sera and the demon Firika are the two protagonists who have been fighting for a long time. They must now compete for control of the human world.


That concludes our list of popular succubus characters from the anime world. These captivating and alluring characters have enchanted and mesmerized audiences with their beauty and charm. From their magical powers to their seductive personalities, these succubi have left an unforgettable impression on the anime community. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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