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Power’s Power & Abilities Explained | Chainsaw Man

Before we talk about Power’s power and abilities, let’s have a look at her personality and appearance.
Power is a childish, greedy, and self-motivated girl as well. She is a fiend and part of Makima’s special squad in Public Safety Devil Hunters.

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Power is a young girl with blonde hair usually, she wears the standard dress shirt, tie, and slacks required of Public Safety Demon Hunters. She almost always wears her jacket hanging halfway off her body. Her red and yellow eyes that form a cross pattern match her personality and her fang teeth give her a demonic appearance. Overall, she is a waifu material.

But sometimes I think she is dumb because she sees no difference between pork, beef, and human meat, and besides that, she is extremely selfish, and also she rarely bathes or flushes the toilet. Now, the choice is in your hands whether you consider her a waifu or not. Whatever you say, she is a nice girl. Okay, now back to the topic.

Due to the 2 horns on her head, some people (on social platforms) get mistaken and consider her as Zero Two, the color of their hair is different even the dress they wear is different. but why do they get mistaken? that is not our topic. so, now let’s talk about Power’s power and abilities. Also check out strongest characters in Chainsaw Man.

Power Devil Form Chainsaw Man

During her Blood Devil form, she is a tall humanoid with four arms and a mainly lighter body. There are two circular eyes with cross-like pupils on the sides of her head, which have a pointed appearance and a dark color.

In this form, she has long horns that are similar to her fiend form with lots of blood and long hair. She is shown with an open chest cavity containing intestines up to her neck due to an open rib cage. From her hand to her elbow, her arms are dark in color. The claws on her hands are large and she has four fingers on each hand. She has dark coloration all over her legs, extending as far down as her heels.


Power’s Power and Abilities

Just like any other devil, Power also possesses some normal devil abilities such as restoring her health by consuming blood, making contracts with humans for a price, taking over a dead human body and their consciousness, becoming a fiend, and reviving in Hell after being killed.

Power’s Physical Abilities

  • Enhanced Speed:- her enhanced speed helps her to land a quick attack on her opponent which makes her a quick fighter
  • Enhanced Smell:-  Power has a keen sense of smell, recognizing the scent of blood from a distance as we saw in episode 2 of the Anime series.

Power Devil Powers

  • Blood Manipulation:- Power can manipulate her blood to form weapons. Through direct contact, she can also manipulate others’ blood to prevent them from bleeding. Mixing her own blood with the blood of her target can also distort its regenerative abilities.
  • Blood Hammer:- Using her own blood, Power can hammer her opponents with an enormous hammer.
  • Blood Spear:- By manipulating her own blood she can create a spear and uses it to stab her opponent. She can take advantage of her blood by hiding bottles of blood in the environment as traps to make spears suddenly appear from that area
  • Thousand Tera Blood Rain:- Power can levitate and throw thousands of blood swords and spears at her enemies in her Full Devil form and use this technique several times.
  • Blood Transfer:- Just as Pochita transferred her blood and life energy to Denji, through a contract Power can do the same for someone else.
  • Blood Empowerment:- Since Power is a Blood Devil, her regenerative abilities are greater than any other devil. Even after death, she can regenerate herself by consuming tiny amounts of blood from a stronger devil. Drinking too much blood or drinking blood from a stronger devil increases Power’s power drastically. As a result of consuming too much blood, she sprouts more horns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Denji and power dating? Despite having romantic feelings for Denji, Power eventually accepts that Denji did not reciprocate her feelings and chooses to crown Denji as her first dear friend instead.
  • Is power a villain in Chainsaw Man? Power is a Fiend and part of Makima’s special squad in Public Safety Devil Hunters. She has 2 horns on her head due to which she has a demonic appearance but she is not a villain.
  • Did Makima kill power? Taking a gun shape, Makima aims it at Power, then says, “Bang.” Denji watches in horror as Power’s entire body is obliterated into a pool of blood.

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