Prequel Announced for Silent Witch Light Novels, Coming Winter

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2023)

Author Matsuri Isora and artist Nanna Fujimi, creators of the Silent Witch series, surprised fans by unveiling plans for a prequel named Silent Witch -another- Kekkai no Majutsushi no Nariagari (Rise of the Barrier Mage), which will delve into the backstory of Barrier Mage Louis Miller’s apprenticeship in Minerva. Anticipated for a winter release, the first volume will transport readers to the magical origins of this intriguing character.

Coinciding with this exciting prequel announcement, the upcoming seventh volume of the main Silent Witch novels is also slated for a winter release, promising to further captivate the audience with the enchanting narrative.

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Originating on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in February 2020, the Silent Witch novels quickly garnered attention, leading Kadokawa to commence official light novel publication in June 2021. The tales gained momentum, prompting manga adaptation by Tobi Tana in Kadokawa’s B’s-LOG COMIC from July 2021. Readers eagerly embraced the manga, propelling its compiled book volumes to success, with the third volume launching in Japan on August 1.

Silent Witch Light Novels

Yen Press, known for its dedication to quality storytelling, acquired the rights to publish the Silent Witch novels. Within the pages of these novels lies the captivating tale of Monica Everett, renowned as the Silent Witch for her mastery of Voiceless Magic. A twist emerges as it’s revealed that Monica’s exceptional skills are rooted in her overwhelming shyness, driving her to master magic to evade public speaking. Unbeknownst to her, the Seven Sages entrust her with a confidential mission to protect the Second Prince, testing her prowess in both social interactions and defending against looming threats.

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With a commitment to bringing the narrative to a wider audience, Yen Press also secured licensing for the Secrets of the Silent Witch manga, penned by Tana, Isora, and Fujimi. This further enriches the enchanting world of Silent Witch, ensuring that fans can immerse themselves in various mediums of this captivating universe.


Source | Silent Witch volume 6

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