Producers Aim for 12 Seasons of Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action!

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2023)

The live-action adaptation of “One Piece” by Netflix has been a major talking point within the anime community since its announcement. The series received an overwhelmingly positive response, not only from international fans but also from the discerning Japanese audience. Its second-week viewership numbers were nothing short of impressive, amassing a staggering 14.57 million hours watched and drawing in a massive audience of 19.3 million viewers.

This surge in popularity, coupled with the show’s global acclaim, has left fans eagerly awaiting updates on a potential second season. Producers have disclosed that scripts for the upcoming season are already in place, poised for action pending Netflix’s approval. This means that the beloved Straw Hat Pirates may set sail on new adventures sooner than anticipated.

In a recent interview with Tomorrow Studios’ executive producers, Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements, they revealed ambitious plans for the series. They expressed their intent to produce up to an astounding 12 seasons of the live-action “One Piece.” Discussions have taken place with Shuiesha, the manga publisher, Eiichiro Oda, and Netflix regarding the future of the show, outlining a roadmap from season 3 to season 6. The producers are steadfast in their belief that certain elements of the manga are integral and cannot be omitted from the live-action adaptation.

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Becky Clements emphasized that even six seasons would only cover half of the expansive One Piece manga. With such a wealth of source material at their disposal, the potential for numerous sequels is palpable. Marty Adelstein expressed optimism in achieving a total of 12 seasons, given the sheer volume of material available.

A significant factor contributing to the success of the live-action adaptation was the involvement of Eiichiro Oda, the creator of “One Piece.” This distinguishes it from other adaptations, such as the Cowboy Bebop series, where the creator chose not to participate. The producers recognized the importance of remaining faithful to the original material, ensuring that fan expectations were met.

While Netflix has not yet officially greenlit the second season, the existing viewership numbers paint a promising picture. “One Piece” continues to hold its ground on the streaming platform in its second week. The eagerly anticipated sequel awaits an official announcement from Netflix.


Source: Anime Senpai

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