Production Studios for Tonbo Anime Unveiled, Spring TV Launch

The official website for the anime adaptation of Ken Kawasaki and Yū Furusawa’s manga “Oi! Tonbo” (Hey! Tonbo) has unveiled an enticing new teaser trailer and visual.

This teaser not only gives us a sneak peek into the upcoming anime but also sets the stage for its highly anticipated television premiere in spring 2024. The animation production for the series is in the capable hands of Studio OLM, who will be collaborating with SMDE for the CG animation.

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The manga’s narrative kicks off with the introduction of Igarashi, a former pro golfer who faced disqualification due to a mysterious “incident.” Seeking refuge from the spotlight, he relocates to the secluded Tokara Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture.

These islands are often referred to as “Japan’s last unexplored wilderness.” It is here that he crosses paths with a young and innocent girl named Tonbo.

Surprisingly, these supposedly uncharted islands house a unique homemade golf course, where Tonbo dedicates herself to playing daily. What truly captivates Igarashi is Tonbo’s extraordinary golfing talent, as she effortlessly executes a wide array of shots using only a 3-iron club.


Despite his amazement, Igarashi harbors reservations about her reliance on just one club. Yet, beneath Tonbo’s cheerful exterior lies a profound and poignant past, shrouded in sadness.

The story’s creator, Kawasaki, and the talented artist, Furusawa, introduced this captivating manga in the pages of Weekly Golf Digest, a golfing magazine published by Golf Digest Sha Co., Ltd., back in August 2014.

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The 46th compiled volume of the manga was released on September 1, marking another milestone in this intriguing tale.


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