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Prominent Reasons Behind The Immense Popularity Of Anime Games

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2020)

Depending on who you are, you can think of deadly and fictional weapons or a teenage girl looking for her true love, when you hear of Japanese anime.

Prominent Reasons Behind The Immense Popularity Of Anime Games
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Anime games like Project QT can also take you on an action-thrilled ride, filled with multiple erotic elements. Anime games are mostly about electric fights, vibrant characters, emotionally moving storytelling, and shiny, sparkling eyes of the characters.

This article talks about anime and the reasons behind its rising popularity in the gaming market.

Project QT

Project QT is one such anime game that has stormed in popularity just after its launch on the Android platform. The plot of the game revolves around action-filled experiences of the sexy-team squad that has to do the job of fighting-off a deadly virus from their city. You can check out more about Project QT anime games by visiting their website.

A brief history of Anime

It was in 1917 that the first-ever anime film was released by Shimokawa Oten. The movie was Dekobo Shingacho – Meian no Shippai (Dekobo’s New Picture Book – Failure of a Great Plan). It was a five-minute-long movie that was made with chalk.

Later, several other anime movies were created. The tapes of most of these movies in Japan were destroyed for several reasons. The major ones being:

  • the great Kanto earthquake in 1923
  • the destruction of studios during the world war
  • Poor maintenance of tapes

Apart from all these destructions, the art of anime games survived and thrived, not only in Japan but around the entire world. With the ‘anime boom’ in the 1990s, the industry has only grown more popular among gaming enthusiasts around the world, Project QT is an example.

Variety of genres

A prominent reason for the popularity of anime games like, Project QT is the immense variety of genres and themes that they provide. This incredible variety can cater to the gaming appetite of a vast audience. Here are some most played genres of anime games you can play in Project QT.

  • Action: This is probably the broadest genre of anime games that includes a massive variety of other sub-genres like suspense, mystery, adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi. Generally, when being in an action anime game, you can find yourself controlling an avatar while collecting rare and hidden objects on your way.
  • Mystery: Mystery anime games are very diverse in terms of their themes and set-ups. They can be as weighty as unraveling the clues and mysteries behind some gruesome murder or as light as finding information about your mysterious friend.
  • Romance: The romance genre of anime games is dominated by female protagonists. A lot of times, the players can find themselves in the character of a lonely girl who is waiting for the love of her life. Soon, the girl finds herself in a situation where she has to solve puzzles and reveal information about her friends to find a perfect match for her love life.
  • Sci-Fi: Sci-Fi anime games can easily blend with a variety of other genres like action, mystery, or suspense to build a dystopian future story. The players can find themselves in fictional situations like space or nuclear wars. Sci-fi anime games can also equip you with unique, ultra-modern, and deadly weapons.
  • Horror: Anime games in the horror genre can take you on an enormously horrific and thrilling ride. The scary sequences with bleeding corpses, hungry zombies, and evil ghosts can give you real chills.
  • Fantasy: Fantasy anime games are the most exciting genre to explore. The fun and mysteries elements included in fantasy anime games can help you to take a break from the monotony of the real world. In these games, you can find yourself running around colossal castles, fighting with huge monsters, and equipping magical powers.

Why is the anime market continually growing?

Why is anime so well-known around most parts of the world? Why are gaming enthusiasts crazy for anime games? And why does the Japanese Animation Industry always keep on growing over the years?

These are some of the questions that this article tries to answer.

Spirited characters

Anime games include dynamic characters that are equipped with special skills suitable for different situations. Several anime games provide a character customization feature where you can make changes in your character’s skin color, hairstyle, costumes, gears, weapons, etc.

Nail-biting action

Anime games are all about thrilling and intriguing fights with strong opponents. The fight sequences in anime games are electric, swift, and include several deadly weapons.

They equip you with amazing skills that you can upgrade and use during duels with these monsters and win great battles.

Engaging plots

A majority of anime game plots are inspired by existing and hit anime television and movies.

A lot of these anime games can give you an episodic feel as you clear several playthroughs. The tone of these plots can range anywhere between grandiose and thoughtful.

Amazing set-ups

One primary reason for the popularity of this industry is the stunning set-ups that these games involve.

Your anime game can be a rollercoaster ride that can make you travel all the countries of the world in one playthrough or be a time machine that can take you to the ancient version of your city.

Puzzles and side-quests

Apart from the fights and mysteries, several anime games feature puzzle-solving sequences and side-quests.

You can solve them to unlock new fighting skills, upgrade the existing ones, or just to earn a few more points.

So, here were some of the several reasons for the hike in the anime gaming industry. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and have found enough reasons to enter the realm of anime games.


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