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PVR: One Piece Film Red Fan Screening

(Last Updated On: October 1, 2022)

On Thursday, the PVR make an announcement regarding the upcoming One Piece: Fim RED. PVR is the largest distributor of movies and owner of a largest multiplex in India. According to the announcement they are going to organize a “Special Screening Event” on the 4th of October.

In addition, PVR also announces that they will provide special badges to everyone who will attend the One Piece: Film Red Screening. It’s quite a fan moment for any anime Fan in India. You can attend it if you live in MUMBAI, PUNE, or BANGLORE.

One Piece: Film Red will screen on 4 screenings, 2 screens in Mumbai and – one in Pune and Banglore. In India, not much anime gets a chance to release in Theater but a few popular ones get like Your Name and Weathering with You.

Now, One Piece: Film Red is the latest one. But still, this is different than any other release in India. Till now, no anime film gets fan screening in India, not a single one. Thanks to PVR and One Piece’s popularity it’s going to happen anrevolutionizeor anime culture in India.

One Piece: Film Red is the 2nd Canon film in the One Piece franchise after Shiki. Also, it’s about one of the most favorite characters – Red-Haired Shanks. The story follows the life of the world’s most popular diva, Ulta. She decided to hide her identity till the date of her first public concert. When she announces that she is the daughter of Red Haired Shanks, everyone gets shocked along with the Straw Hat Pirates.

There are many films released in the One Piece franchise but Film Red break records for all of them. Moreover, it’s also become one of the best-performing films in Japan. One Piece: Film Red is going to release on the 7th of October in Indian PVR.


Source: Email Correspondence

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