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Quarterly Jump GIGA: Black Clover Manga Set to Return in Winter

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2023)

In a recent update, the 38th edition of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed that Yūki Tabata’s beloved Black Clover manga is undergoing a transition to the Jump Giga magazine. This change marks the conclusion of its run in Weekly Shonen Jump, with the final chapter featured in the 38th issue.

The forthcoming chapter of the manga is set to make its debut in the winter edition of Jump Giga. Shueisha follows a seasonal release pattern for Jump Giga, with four issues published annually.

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Yūki Tabata, the creative mind behind Black Clover, expressed his commitment to delivering a triumphant finale for the manga in its new home. He shared that Jump Giga aligns better with his current writing circumstances, a move aimed at optimizing his creative process.

Black Clover Manga

Black Clover first graced the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2015, captivating readers with its captivating storyline. The manga’s digital and print publication is managed by Viz Media, while Shueisha’s MANGA Plus service offers a digital platform for readers to enjoy the series.

A planned hiatus in late April 2022 allowed Tabata to prepare meticulously for the manga’s “final arc” or “final saga.” The manga resumed its publication in August 2022, and the latest announcement suggests that the climax of this concluding arc is imminent.

Beyond its manga success, Black Clover also captured hearts as an anime, debuting in Japan in October 2017. Originally slated for 51 episodes, the anime’s popularity led to extensions, culminating in its 170th episode in March 2021. Its journey was not without hurdles, as a COVID-19-induced hiatus temporarily halted production. Nevertheless, the anime returned triumphantly in July 2020.

The global audience enjoyed the anime thanks to Crunchyroll’s subtitled streaming and Funimation’s English-dubbed version. The anime even graced Adult Swim’s Toonami programming block in December 2017.

Expanding the franchise’s horizons, the Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King (Black Clover: Mahо̄tei no Ken) anime film premiered in Japan on June 16, simultaneously reaching Netflix audiences worldwide.

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Fans can anticipate an exciting stage play adaptation in Tokyo’s Theater 1010 from September 14-18, followed by performances at Kanagawa’s Kanagawa Arts Theatre from September 22-24, bringing the magical world of Black Clover to life on stage.


Source | Weekly Shonen Jump issue 38

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