Queen Bee Drummer and Co-Founder Ruri-chan Exits Group

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2023)

Sony Music Artists made an announcement on Monday regarding the departure of drummer Ruri-chan, positioned second from the left in the photo, from the renowned rock band Queen Bee. Ruri-chan had been on an extended hiatus from the band since August 2022, citing health issues.

Despite her successful recovery, she decided, after discussions with fellow band members and their support team, to bid farewell to the band.

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In a heartfelt message to their devoted fan base, Ruri-chan extended her sincere apologies for causing concern during her hiatus.

Queen Bee Drummer and Co-Founder Ruri-chan Exits Group

She reassured everyone of her current well-being and revealed her departure stemmed from her belief that her chapter as Queen Bee’s drummer had reached its conclusion, citing feelings of burnout.

She acknowledged the miraculous journey of co-founding her very first band, which had endured for 14 years, and expressed her profound gratitude to fans, staff, and fellow bandmates. Ruri-chan concluded by earnestly asking fans to continue their unwavering support for Queen Bee.

The remaining band members, namely vocalist Avu-chan, bass guitarist Yashi-chan, and guitarist Hibari-kun, posted messages conveying their deep appreciation for the 14-year journey they had undertaken together. They also expressed their utmost respect and unwavering support for Ruri-chan’s decision.

Queen Bee, renowned for their theme songs in Tokyo Ghoul:re, the live-action Tokyo Ghoul S film, Dororo, the live-action Sadako film, Raven of the Inner Palace, Chainsaw Man, and their most recent contribution to Oshi no Ko, have carved their mark in the industry.

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Additionally, the band’s involvement in the live-action Moteki film, both in providing the theme song and appearing in the film, showcased their multifaceted talents. Separately, Avu-chan showcased remarkable versatility as both the voice actor and vocalist for the titular character in Masaaki Yuasa’s INU-OH film.


Source | Queen Bee’s website via Hachima Kikō

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