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ReLIFE & A Couple of Cuckoos Hindi Dubs now Streaming on Crunchyroll

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2023)

Anime fans in India have something to celebrate as Crunchyroll, the popular anime streaming service, has added two more anime series in Hindi dubbed to its library – “ReLIFE” and “A Couple of Cuckoos”. Both anime are now available to stream on Crunchyroll India, with new dubbed episodes being released weekly.

“ReLIFE” is a science-fiction romance anime that follows the story of a 27-year-old man named Arata Kaizaki, who is struggling to find a job after quitting his previous one. One day, he is approached by a company that offers him a chance to participate in a social experiment called ReLIFE, where he takes a pill that makes him look 10 years younger and relives his high school days.

Arata accepts the offer and goes back to high school, where he makes new friends, falls in love, and learns valuable life lessons. The anime has received critical acclaim for its relatable characters and heartwarming storyline.

“A Couple of Cuckoos” is a romantic comedy anime that follows the story of Nagi Umino and Eiichi Katakura, two high school students who are forced to pretend to be a couple to please their respective grandparents. Nagi is a cheerful and outgoing girl who dreams of becoming a voice actress, while Eiichi is a quiet and reserved boy who is studying to become a doctor.

Despite their differences, Nagi and Eiichi gradually develop feelings for each other as they navigate their way through high school life. The anime has been praised for its hilarious moments and heartwarming romance.

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The addition of “ReLIFE” and “A Couple of Cuckoos” in Hindi dubbed to Crunchyroll’s library is a significant step towards expanding the service’s reach in India and providing anime fans with more diverse and localized content. With the total number of Hindi dubbed anime titles on Crunchyroll now reaching 15, Indian viewers have a wider selection of anime to choose from.

To watch “ReLIFE” and “A Couple of Cuckoos” in Hindi, viewers can head over to the Crunchyroll India website and sign up for a subscription. The Hindi dubbed episodes are being released every Wednesday at 11:30am and 12:30pm IST respectively, giving fans in India a reason to look forward to midweek. With the addition of these two anime series, Crunchyroll continues to cater to the growing demand for anime content in India, and fans can expect more Hindi dubbed anime to be added to the platform in the future.


Source – Crunchyroll ( L1 & L2 )

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