Re:Monster Light Novels Get the Anime Treatment

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2023)

On a Tuesday, a new website emerged, heralding the forthcoming television anime adaptation of Kogitsune Kanekiru’s beloved Re:Monster light novel series. This digital platform unveiled a tantalizing teaser promotional video and captivating visual artwork. Furthermore, it proudly disclosed that the talented Takuya Satō had been chosen to lend his voice to the protagonist, Gob-Rou.

The gifted artist, Haruyoshi Kobayakawa, known for his work on the manga adaptation of the light novel, crafted a splendid illustration in celebration of this momentous anime revelation.

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The responsibility for bringing this animated spectacle to life has been entrusted to Studio DEEN, while GENCO has taken on the role of anime producer.

Originally, Kanekiru shared the narrative on the Shōsetsu ni Narō website, with AlphaPolis publishing the inaugural volume in 2012 and the ninth volume in 2017. Notably, the novels are beautifully illustrated by Yamaada. Simultaneously, AlphaPolis diligently continues to serialize Kobayakawa’s ongoing manga adaptation on their website, with the eagerly anticipated 10th compiled book volume set to release this Friday.

Seven Seas, the illustrious publisher, handles the English version of the manga adaptation and is poised to release the seventh volume on October 31. In their own words, Seven Seas encapsulates the manga’s storyline as follows:

“Tomokui Kanata has met an untimely demise, but his odyssey has only just begun. Reincarnated into a fantastical realm of blades and enchantment, he assumes the humble role of a goblin. Undeterred by this transformation, now bearing the name ‘Rou,’ he utilizes his newfound physical prowess and recollections from his previous life to forge ahead in a world where devouring other creatures empowers him with their strengths and abilities.”

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It’s also worth noting that this series has inspired a smartphone game, aptly named after it, wherein players step into the shoes of a goblin. This captivating game made its debut on both Android and iOS platforms in February 2016.


Sources | Re:Monster anime’s website and Twitter accountComic Natalie

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