Renowned Novelist Naoto Asahara Passes Away

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2023)

Renowned novelist Naoto Asahara, acclaimed for the work “Kanojo ga Suki na Mono wa Homo de Atte Boku de wa Nai,” sadly passed away on July 16 at the age of 38, after a brave battle with malignant lymphoma. The news was reported by the Sankei Sports newspaper last week.

Asahara had revealed their diagnosis and hospitalization in a heartfelt blog post on July 1, mentioning that the medical journey began on June 27.3

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Notably, Asahara had recently achieved literary success with the novel “100 Nichigo ni Wakareru Boku to Kare,” published on May 19. However, it was the groundbreaking debut of “Kanojo ga Suki na Mono wa Homo de Atte Boku dewa Nai” in October 2016, on Kadokawa’s Kakuyomu website, that earned them immense recognition. The novel’s print version, illustrated by Yōjirō Arai, hit the shelves in February 2018. The plot revolves around the touching friendship between Jun Andō, a closeted gay boy, and Sae Miura, a discreet fujoshi (enthusiast of boys’ love).

The popularity of the series extended beyond literature, as it inspired a manga adaptation by Akira Hirahara in January 2019. The manga concluded with its third compiled volume in March 2020, leaving a lasting impact on readers. Additionally, the captivating storyline led to the creation of a live-action television drama, captivating audiences across various platforms.

As a tribute to the late author, a private funeral will be held exclusively for immediate family members. The legacy of Naoto Asahara will undoubtedly endure, as their contributions to the literary world and their unique narratives continue to resonate with readers far and wide.


Source | Sankei Sports

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