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Rent a Girlfriend Chapter 295 Release Date, Time, & Where to Read?

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2023)

The world of manga is replete with tales that delve into the complexities of human emotions and relationships. One such captivating series is “Rent a Girlfriend” by MIYAJIMA Reiji. This manga takes readers on a journey through contemporary Japan, exploring the intricacies of connections, both rented and real. With its unique perspective on love and connection in the modern age, “Rent a Girlfriend” has managed to capture the hearts of readers, offering a fresh take on romance in the twenty-first century.

Rent a Girlfriend Chapter 294 Recap

In the previous chapter of “Rent a Girlfriend,” the story takes an unexpected twist during a lunch-making session between the protagonist, Kazuya, and his hired girlfriend, Chizuru. Kazuya’s crude remark about Chizuru creates a sense of curiosity and confusion among readers. The relationship between Kazuya and Chizuru has been far from smooth, and this incident further tests their bond.

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The chapter portrays Kazuya’s frequent fantasies about being in a romantic relationship with Chizuru, highlighting his struggle to approach her due to his lack of confidence. Chizuru, a kind and attractive woman, garners affection, especially from the children at the nursery where she works. The unexpected turn of events leaves readers questioning the impact of this incident on their delicate connection.

Rent a Girlfriend Chapter 295 Release Date

Fans of “Rent a Girlfriend” can anticipate the release of Chapter 295 on 16th August 2023. The release timings for various regions are as follows:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 7:00 AM PDT (16 August 2023)
  • Central Daylight Time: 9:00 AM CDT (16 August 2023)
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 10:00 AM EDT (16 August 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time: 8.30 PM IST (16 August 2023)
  • Korean Standard Time: 12:00 AM KST (17 August 2023)
  • Japanese Standard Time: 12:00 AM JST (17 August 2023)
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 02:00 AM AEDT (17 August 2023)

Where to Read Rent a Girlfriend Chapter 295?

Readers can enjoy the latest installment of “Rent a Girlfriend” on the Pocket platform. This platform also offers access to previous chapters of the manga, allowing fans to catch up on the intricate storyline and character developments.



“Rent a Girlfriend” continues to captivate manga enthusiasts with its exploration of emotions, relationships, and the complexities of modern romance. As the story progresses, the dynamics between Kazuya and Chizuru have proven to be anything but predictable. With Chapter 295 on the horizon, readers are eagerly awaiting the next turn of events and how the characters navigate the challenges that come their way. This manga stands as a testament to the enduring popularity of stories that delve into the human heart, reminding us all of the timeless themes of love, connection, and self-discovery.

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