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Rent A Girlfriend’s Manga Reiji Miyajima Releasing a New Manga Series

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2022)

Reiji Miyajima is mangaka (a person who draws manga) of one of the most popular rom-com manga Rent a GirlFriend. Now, Reiji Mihajiam is going to release a new manga on Sibling Love. The Shiunji Siblings or Shiunji-ke no Kodomo-Tachi is the name of the new manga which is also a romantic comedy. Shinji Siblings revolve around a love life between seven high schoolers of the same family. The release date of the manga is 22nd February 2022 and it will launch Riji’s fanbox account. Readers can buy this manga from Young Animal magazine on 25th February. 

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Rent a Girlfriend is a romantic comedy manga that follows the story of a college student Kazuya. He got his first girlfriend but soon after a month, she dumped him. Now, to release his frustration and anger he booked a rental girlfriend from an online website. The manga also has an anime adaption with a single season. You can watch it on any major streaming service and it’s a good watch. 

The series also has some negative sides like two sides of a coin. The main character is quite annoying including our protagonist. The side characters little extra stupid but they are more enjoyable and entertaining then prog going Kazyya himself. And last but not least, the main female lead has all the traits to become your next waifu, so make sure to give it a read or watch if you haven’t watched or read it yet. 


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