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Return Of 3 Old Animes

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2020)

Article By 9tails Apparels

As the anime sees rapid adoption by youth in India, we are seeing fresh wave of anime fans, who with their immense demand for new and quality content are giving it a push through social media to make it main stream in Indian entertainment industry. In this small anime community you might have come across this meme quite often.

And so, we have decided to dedicate this blog post for the first generation of otakus who grew up watching Naruto, one piece, dragon ball z, digimon etc. So get ready to dive in nostalgia, as we pen down the synopsis of 3 classic anime which are getting a new series adoption.

1.   Bleach

It has become very clear that the year 2021 is going to be of bleach. The legendary anime got disbanded from BIG THREE, when makers of bleach completed the series in 2012 with ‘Fullbinger arc’. And it left all its fans devastated and wanting for more. But on 18 march 2020 it was officially declared by weekly shounen jump that the anime which once dominated the anime space  and going heads on with Naruto & one piece, is finally getting an adoption of its final arc ‘Bleach – Thousand year blood arc’.

Return Of 3 Old Animes
Bleach Anime Return Announcement

Icing on the cake is that a one-shot serialization of ‘Burn the witch’ is also getting an adoption. Burn the witch takes place in the same world as bleach, but is 12 years in future after the Bleach thousand year blood arc.

2. Death note

If you talk to any new otaku, and ask them their first anime that they watched; there’s a really good chance that it would be death note. Because it’s the kind of cult anime which has become a defacto where newbie fans are introduced to anime world via death note. It might have ended in 2006, but there was no formal announcement of anything related to it; only until now. On 4th February 2020 a one shot 87-page chapter of new Death note series was unveiled to fans.

Return Of 3 Old Animes

sell it to the highest bidder. Minoru thinks that kira’s strategy of remaining hidden won’t work in today’s world of surveillance. So soon Minoru’s auction will go beyond individuals and will attract entire government placing bids on it.

3. Inuyasaha

Finally, there is some good news for vintage anime, when on 9th may 2020 it was announced that Inuyasha will get a new spin off series. The series will be titled Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, and it will focus on adventures of the daughter of Inuyasha & sesshomaru.

Return Of 3 Old Animes

The story set in feudal japan, where twin sisters towa and setsuna gets separated from each other in a forest fire. While searching for younger sister towa comes across a mysterious tunnel that sends her to present day japan. After 10 years the tunnel reopens allowing towa to reunite with setsuna, who has now become a demon slayer. And not only that, setsuna has lost all her memories of older sister towa. Towa along with Moroah and Kagome, the 3 women will travel between 2 eras on an adventure to find the missing pieces of their past.

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