Rising Star Tsuzuri Unveils Debut Single “Uraomote” and Premieres Music Video

In a highly anticipated debut, 16-year-old high school singer Tsuzuri has taken the music scene by storm with the release of her digital single titled “Uraomote.” The talented artist, known for her captivating cover videos of Vocaloid and J-pop songs on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, has garnered a substantial following of over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube. Tsuzuri’s remarkable rise to fame has been further solidified by her selection as the performer of the opening theme song for the upcoming TV anime series, “The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses,” scheduled to air in July 2023 in Japan.

“Uraomote,” composed and arranged by the acclaimed sound creator Giga, renowned for hits like “Odo” and “CH4NGE,” features lyrics penned by Tanaka (formerly known as Boku no Lyric no Boyomi). The single’s cover jacket showcases the artistic talent of illustrator Tabun-ningen. In celebration of the release of her debut single and reaching 50,000 subscribers, Tsuzuri has simultaneously released three cover songs she previously performed on YouTube: “Cat Loving” (Kashi Moimi), “In The Bathroom” (REISAI), and “Darling” (MARETU). Fans can now enjoy these tracks on various music streaming and download services, including iTunes Store, Recochoku, and mora.

To accompany the release, Tsuzuri premiered an official music video for “Uraomote” on her YouTube channel at 20:00 on May 10 (JST). The visually stunning video, featuring the character depicted on the cover jacket, was created by the renowned animator duo Hissha and Okiku, known for their work on Giga’s “CH4NGE” video.

Tsuzuri’s journey in the music scene began at the age of 13 when she started sharing her performances online. Her rendition of “Odo,” recorded solely using her iPhone, quickly gained traction and amassed an impressive 700,000 views, setting the stage for her meteoric rise. Despite her youth, Tsuzuri has showcased her versatility as an artist, effortlessly adapting to various musical styles, ranging from dark tunes to pop and dance tracks, all while managing her academic responsibilities. Additionally, she is a member of the high school unit GooDrug, demonstrating her multifaceted talents in illustration and video editing.

The breakthrough in Tsuzuri’s career arrived with her selection as the performer of the opening theme song for the anime series “The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses.” With her enchanting voice and undeniable passion for music, she has captured the attention of both fans and industry professionals alike.

Tsuzuri, a rising star in the music industry, continues to mesmerize audiences with her captivating vocals and undeniable talent. At just 16 years old, she has already made a significant impact and shows immense promise for the future. As she embarks on her musical journey, Tsuzuri’s passion for music, combined with her unwavering determination to create a lasting impact, will undoubtedly solidify her position as a force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned as this young sensation takes the world by storm, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.


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